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! The Capharnaum County Magicians Society is an evolving one-ban band, inspired by 5-string banjo music of the 19th century and filtered through various decades of the 20th.

Old music for new instruments, and new music for old instruments. Gas lights and Edison bulbs, Phonograph cylinders and theremins, moustache wax and tobacco.

My name is Andy Chase, and I'll be your Master of Ceremonies. I'm better known on the fediverse (if at all) as @ItsTheManOnTheMoon .

Please do have a listen and follow us at

Happy Halloween! The Society is pleased to share its recording of Norton Greenop's classic banjo composition "Skeleton Dance" as a free, lossless audio download. 💀

:boucherbanjo: :cc: :by: :sa:

:stage manager enters stage right, whispers quietly:

Ahem, yes, well, we've been informed that the next Bandcamp Friday is not until August. But you should check out this new track anyway.

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Hello, friend! Another is nigh and The Capharnaum County Magicians Society has emerged from its slumber to release a new track into the wild. Please do listen for free, and boost if you enjoy it.

It's and it's also ! The Society has released 'Cupid's Dream Waltz', a new single featuring an 1865 Frank Converse banjo arrangement of an 1854 song by Charles Converse.


Really would have liked to see this staging!

Verdi’s 'Anvil Chorus' from Il trovatore

(or to get right to the chorus)

Happy New Year! Here is a free, recording of S.S. Stewart's 1879 arrangement of Auld Lang Syne for 5-string , played on an 1896 Bay State banjo with accompaniment.


It's again, and although the Magicians Society has been on a bit of a hiatus during this surreal fall, you can still pick up our EPs of and solo from earlier this year!

The new "Old Days" EP is now available on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Digital Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, YouTube, Google Play (until next month)

And, of course, it's still available on Bandcamp.

masonic temple (1924), pediment detail, lassen street, susanville, california, 1991

Happy ! The Capharnaum County Magicians Society has released 'Old Days', an EP of solo clawhammer banjo tunes, please have a free listen!

Happy ! The Capharnaum County Magicians Society has released 'Old Days', an EP of solo clawhammer banjo tunes, please have a free listen!

New 🪕 EP fediverse early release party: free downloads! (boosts+) 

Capharnaum County Magicians Society is releasing a new EP of solo clawhammer style banjo tunes for , and to celebrate we're giving away 100 free downloads on our own website.

No signups or email harvesting or anything of that sort required; The only caveat is that the downloads are managed via a new app we're trying out, so there may be unforeseen hiccups.

Get your free copy of the Old Days EP here:

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