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I gotta write a new intro/bio and maybe change my screen name, my attention span pendulum has swung away from obscure banjo music at the moment

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This may finally enable me to memorize the bass cleff. (Source: uncredited FB post)

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#banjo and its inextricable legacy of racism and cultural appropriation 

With all the stuff I post here, One thing I haven't really addressed is its problematic legacy. It's interesting to learn, play and record instrumental songs published in banjo tutor books that were published from 1855-1900 or so, but they are interspersed with *virulently* racist popular tunes of the time period, when was the star instrument of blackface minstrelsy... 1/

in the age of discovery, there was a tradition that each new sailing vessel should be christened. Of course, a good christening requires at least a little bit of flattering and inspiring oratory. But over time, this oratorical culture became highly self referential, with idiosyncratic conventions of grammar, and an irreverent, outsider sense of humor. But who were the people who gave these unusual speeches in honor of the boats?

They were the Shiptoasters

Not for want of doing other music stuff but this looptober may be a 'immediately spiral out of [monthly challenge]" situation 😑

Film photography is magic!

Just developed my first film rolls at home, in the kitchen sink, with caffenol.

They're still drying, so I haven't scanned them in yet, but there are definitely images on there.

Amazing! 📷 🎞️ ☕

#BelieveInFilm #caffenol

I'm not on Reddit anymore but every once in a while a search result sends me there and it's kind of amazing how, no matter what kind of guitar a thread is about, or what year the thread is from, about 95% of the comments are dudes holding forth about how quality control in [country guitar was made in] sucks and also how they own the same guitar made in [same country] from 10 years ago and the quality is way better

thankfully, I am prevented from shaving this yak any further by not having any momentary switches


:opens new tab to look up a source for momentary foot switches:

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(Me, on September 30, looking up schematics for MIDI footswitches for )

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I managed to get the Funkwhale pod I set up for last back online, I should try to stabilize it and keep it online

Revisiting the Funkwhale UI and data model has me wanting to tinker with my long-running "federated bandcamp, not federated spotify" idea again. 😬

Anyway, I managed to do 15 tracks last year, we'll see what happens this year.

Are there any stable-ish music oriented instances around these days? I should look again but I'm pretty sure the one where I had put all my old YouTube stuff went away

Anyone else doing the Octorber Challenge next month? Acolytes ponder their orb, focusing on the revelation of a different mystery from beyond the veil each day. Idk, could be fun.

I have also stolen :lobel_frog: and :lobel_toad: from because they make me very happy

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I have updated the to be screen reader friendly (and less cryptic in general)

I mean, most of them are still pretty cryptic if you're not a 19th century banjo weirdo but

:frank_b_converse: :eddie_peabody: :horace_weston: :samuel_swaim_stewart: :william_boucher: :fred_van_eps: :herbert_j_ellis: :james_buckley: :elias_howe: :mel_bay: :elmer_snowden: :john_hartford: :george_c_dobson: :briggs_book: :rice_book: :boucher_banjo:

Got sniped

Which is for the best, seeing as I was just posting about not having anywhere to actually work on instruments

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There's a local guitar and effects maker expo happening today and I'm trying so hard to rationalize going instead of working on finishing my own workshop so I have an actual space to in which make instruments and effects

1 day left, a few other bids but still shy of my limit ⏱️

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