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#banjo and its inextricable legacy of racism and cultural appropriation 

Piano Progress 

So... is there any reasonable alternative to yet? Their new payday loan scheme is pretty gross

...considering any unforeseen believing banjos, or some such!

I'm not sure why, but "The Fifth Mambo" is about 200x more ominous than "Mambo Number 5".

Piano Progress 

Piano Progress 

Piano Progress 

Every time I go to a movie I get so mad at these garbage receipt paper tickets they give you now, I am one thousand years old

@swirlz πŸ‘ GIVE πŸ‘ AL πŸ‘ A πŸ‘ PBS πŸ‘ SHOW

Stop what you're doing and listen to Aaron Jonah Lewis' "Mozart of the Banjo: The Joe Morley Project" RIGHT NOW

Huh, turns out taking 90+ videos you've haphazardly posted to youtube over the last 10 years and categorizing/annotating them and organizing them into some kind of coherent web site is a lot of work

I have such a fascination with cultural artifacts like this album of Joseph Lamb performing his own compositions about a year before his death in 1960

Those moments when somebody had the thought "Holy shit, we really should record this person for the historical record" and actually acted on it.

See also, the various clips of fine classic style banjoist William Ball that were filmed in the 1980s:

everybody #onhere routinely shits on culture that was formative and valuable and precious to someone else. the album that propped you up during your darkest times is an absolute throwaway punchline to someone else. if everyone has the latitude to be a critic, this is just how pop culture discussions are gonna go.

and heads up, kids who are 15 right now are gonna be Very Online in a few years with a checklist of everything that ever mattered you and they fucking HATE it all.

Whether I've been single or not I've always thought of Valentine's Day as separate from romance, because telling people in a relationship "today's the day you feel romantic" is like picking one day to be everyone's birthday

So I hope you'll enjoy the love and friendship in your life today, and do something nice for a partner or yourself πŸ’Œ

Listening to 'Maple Leaf Rag' for the umpteenth time in the last couple of weeks and imagining people losing their minds hearing it for the first time in 1899

SomeBODY once told me "a curse has come upon me",
"the Lady of Shalott" she said
She was looking kinda doomed with her mirror and her loom
One glance at Lancelot and she dropped dead

*gasps, mildly impressed, by the Abraham Lincoln beard it's overshadowing everything else is pointless

The "learn piano" bug has has been biting me every year or two for at least 10 years now. Hard enough this time that I'm making medium-long term plans to finally make a proper go of it (vs my usual fuck around for a couple of nights and get frustrated at my shitty keyboard and not really knowing where to properly start because no teacher)

God help me, I'm sneaking glances at "free" pianos on craigslist even though I *know* they are usually as cursed as Krusty's trampoline (CW cartoon gun)

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