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#banjo and its inextricable legacy of racism and cultural appropriation 



If I ever become an all-powerful being of pure light, the first thing I do will be to permanently destroy the "Hillbilly banjo player in the talent show" youtube video that is always at the top of any banjo-related recommendation or automatically generated playlist.

While I'm at it, I will also destroy whoever is responsible for the algorithm that ensures I have to see the words "Hillbilly banjo player in the talent show" every time I go to youtube

...although TBH, GoatTracker looks as masochistic as SID Wizard in many ways.

I'm eyeing the SID Tracker 64 ipad app pretty hard; for me it's always a matter of choosing my roadblocks, and time spent fighting with an unfamiliar UI and process is time not spent actually making goofy tunes; if I learn the ropes in a friendlier app, *then* I can go hardcore mode.

I am coming around to the position that it is a bit pointlessly masochistic to use SID Wizard in an emulator; being able to track music on an actual C64 would be one thing, but between managing virtual drives and having to remember keymappings (VICE to C64) I'm hitting my patience threshold pretty quickly.

Tried to download GoatTracker only to realize the latest OS X binary is from 2015, and of course won't run on Catalina. Now downloading Xtools to see if I can build it myself.

I'm on "vacation" with a laptop, ukulele, pocket operator and Monotron Duo. I thought at least to throw together a few rough pieces. Here's the first.

#music #mastomusic #psychedelic #CreativeToots #ardour #ambient

the heat-death of mastodon is when we've all got our own single-user instances which have been defederated from everyone else

I can tell using SID Wizard efficiently will require memorizing emacs-level keyboard shortcuts, but this isn't bad for a half hour of tinkering (time spent looking up shortcuts not included)

I'm not sure what the tracker of choice was in the 1980s, but SID Wizard is pretty amazing at first glance:

I would download lots of SID files from Q-Link back in the day; I had a playback app and it was always interesting to listen to the arrangements people came up with, but I never really had an inkling of exactly how they were put together.

Choosing battles: *if* I am going to attempt the RPM challenge with chiptunes, I'm going to use SID Wizard or similar; I'm interested in the programming angle but as a *project*, there's no way I'm going to get up to speed in time for February.

This is a really good overview of the Commodore 64 SID ship if you've got a layman's understanding of how synthesizers work:

...and after all that I realized that of course the binary install for OS X includes petcat, and is naturally snappier to run natively than over X11 (and I won't have to screw around with trying to stream pulseaudio from the Pi to my mac, since the pi runs headless and nowhere near a convenient audio hookup.) the CLI binaries are all under the /bin directory on the mac disk image.

I got Vice compiled eventually, and immediately ran into a libGL problem with XQuartz (ymmv in other X environments) but this seems to have been fixed thusly:

I'm indulging this itch tonight, attempting to compile vice64 on my Raspberry Pi so I can work there. Big question #1 I ran into is: "Can I just write an ASCII file and then load it into the emulator" and the answer seems to be yes, with a program called 'petcat'

I also found a Java utility called droid64 that can create/read C64 disk images, and copy files to/from them, but per the above article, vice supports loading basic .PRG files directly without mounting disks 馃憤

I know that there are various SID trackers available but one of the things I remember always wondering about as a kid was how the heck you made music with multiple voices, and a little bit of poking around is turning up some BASIC examples (good old Jim Butterfield!)

My latest ADHD scheme: attempt the on an emulated C64, writing BASIC to implement 3-voice tunes using the celebrated SID chip.

(I would assist myself in this matter by using python to generate the massive DATA statements that would make up the bulk of the tracks, maybe even from MIDI sources)

I am probably not going to do *actually* do this, but my hyperfocus brain is locked onto the idea right this second.

Anyone get a new for the holidays and want an instant learning library? I've got this pile of books , all of the CDs are included and still playable as far as I know. The Ross Nickerson book is autographed.

$25 for the lot including media mail postage anywhere in the U.S. Ping me if interested; first come, first served.


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