Further patreon musings 

Things I would probably offer as rewards:

• Tablature arrangements
• MIDI files
• backing tracks
• lossless audio tracks
• physical, printed tablature? why not

Things I am not likely to offer:

• "behind the scenes" stuff that would take more time for me to produce than musical content. There's something about the "For extra money, you can watch me [sketch/practice/etc]" phenomenon that makes me feel like a cold stone creamery worker having to dance for tips.

Further patreon musings 

Now entering chicken-and-egg vaporlock where I'm trying to conceptualize an actual web site (currently the domain just bounces to my youtube channel) *and* figure out patreon, and spinning my wheels on both.

On the plus side, I've got my lilypond workflow more or less worked out, where I can generate multiple artefacts (notation only/tablature/midi/transpositions) from a single source file in one step

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