I finally got around to installing 'MMA: Musical Midi Accompaniment' and tinkering a little bit, and like much open source software it appears to be very powerful with a steep learning curve. Documentation seems to be pretty good but there is little to no hand-holding to be found, and no visible development community/roadmap. (Python 2 EOL is 6 days away... will MMA ever be updated for Python 3? 🤷‍♂️) mellowood.ca/mma/index.html


As I explore the MMA grooves included in the standard library I'm finding with some frustration that a lot of them seem to have been created without much care in terms of the actual style they claim to be creating (like... bluegrass does not usually have snare drums, and dixieland banjo is not arpeggiated)

That being said, the '2beatpa' groove is *exactly* the simple piano comping pattern I was hoping to find (left hand single bass note, right hand single chord.)

I think there's a similar "oompah" bass pattern defined somewhere but it looks like I'll need to create a custom groove to isolate it.

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