I can tell using SID Wizard efficiently will require memorizing emacs-level keyboard shortcuts, but this isn't bad for a half hour of tinkering (time spent looking up shortcuts not included)

I am coming around to the position that it is a bit pointlessly masochistic to use SID Wizard in an emulator; being able to track music on an actual C64 would be one thing, but between managing virtual drives and having to remember keymappings (VICE to C64) I'm hitting my patience threshold pretty quickly.

Tried to download GoatTracker only to realize the latest OS X binary is from 2015, and of course won't run on Catalina. Now downloading Xtools to see if I can build it myself.

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...although TBH, GoatTracker looks as masochistic as SID Wizard in many ways.

I'm eyeing the SID Tracker 64 ipad app pretty hard; for me it's always a matter of choosing my roadblocks, and time spent fighting with an unfamiliar UI and process is time not spent actually making goofy tunes; if I learn the ropes in a friendlier app, *then* I can go hardcore mode.

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I did wind up buying SID Tracker 64 and then promptly losing steam. I have such lousy creative energy this time of year, although tonight I was fooling around with GarageBand for iPad and Chordion a bit, and then circled back to some banjo stuff, more idle musical tinkering than I've done in a long time. Feels good.

It is, of course, the eve of the RPM Challenge and I haven't made up my mind if I'm going to give it a go, SID style or otherwise.

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There's a lot to be said for going "quit fucking around and just make a bunch of fast and dirty songs, they're probably not going to be great but you'll have Done The Thing and learned a bunch" mode, but it's daunting.

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(In case it's not obvious, I am not attempting RPM challenge in any way, shape or form. The fire wasn't there and this month is going to turn into a dayjob shitshow that is almost certainly going to chew up a bunch of my nights and weekends.)

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