@mayor dear guitarists, don't try. Strandberg* guitars. You will have issues going back to 'normal' ones 🙈

Do they have 7 string models? Although I really like my Gibson Les Paul I'll never go back to 6 string guitars.


@MiseryPath @mayor they even have 8-String.
They are expensive, but if you have poin in your shoulder from playing, this is the way to look. It's a brand known for ergonomic guitars. Sadly very expensive, but I just can't regret the purchase, I can play as long as I want without pain in my shoulder.

@FrankyFire @mayor

That sounds nice but I just don't like headless guitars. To me they look like crap. 😕

@FrankyFire @mayor

If I ever buy another guitar, it'll be something like the one on this picture. This would bring some variation, because of the FR and the special neck pickup.

@MiseryPath @mayor doesn't look that special.
If you don't have one already, I can also recommend a guitar with Evertune bridge (especially with 7 or 8 strings). Great for recording, you never have to tune again. Sadly, it's not possible to combine this with Fanned Frets. But it doesn't look like you're interested in those either 😉

I'm a huge fan of schecter guitars. Ths model has the sustainiac pickup. In combination with the tremolo this would give me a lot of options for leads 😁

@mayor It's just like that. I'm really going to have to enlarge my house.

@mayor @Jazzaria
lol can confirm as a former owner of 20+ different hand drums, not to mention cymbals, shakers and other stuff 😂

@SimonWeiss @mayor Heh for me it strikes both digitally and physically. There's a *lot* of different types of woodwind instruments 😁

@mayor please don't use memes that use imagery enforcing sexist stereotypes

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