OH SHIT somebody relatively near me is selling a weird 1960s or 1970s harmonium/chord organ that looks brand new

@mayor it's likely a Magnus. they sound like a hairdryer. it will need its reeds cleaned (not that hard)

@scruss Magnus Grand, in fact. Looks like it's been sitting in a grandparent's living room and barely played since it was purchased (either that or the seller has spent a lot more time cleaning it up than people usually do.)

I love that they're essentially mechanical, apart from the vacuum motor itself.

I have no business buying such a thing, but I probably will assuming it can be dismantled enough to fit in a car, it's cheap

@mayor they're not actually terrible. Magnus Grand are quite rare.

Julian Koster, one of my favourite banjo players, lugs about a tiny wheezy Magnus.

@mayor and the Grand isn't too huge, either.

One thing you've got to watch: the pump doesn't have a huge capacity, so playing two handed can sometimes make it run out of puff if you hold down too many keys

@scruss just like a melodica! which it essentially is.

Haven't heard back from the seller since asking if the legs can be easily dismantled, but I told them no rush. More time to try to talk myself out of it, lol

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