With the clawhammer EP (and stroke style EP before that) out of my brain and October approaching I'm turning my thoughts back to the mood I had in mind when I picked a ridiculous name like 'Capharnaum County Magicians Society' to use as a musical alias. If I practice every day I *might* be able to come up with something usable before Halloween, but I shouldn't count on it. Hardest instrument I've ever played.

pandemic/uspol mention 

Boy, this just did not happen at all this fall; didn't get anything out in time for this month's bandcamp friday, highly doubtful I'll get anything out (even informally) for today or next week's bandcamp friday.

There have been various factors in play, not least of which is the inexorable slow ratcheting up of existential dread due to the imminent election and ongoing pandemic.

Whatever happens next week, and I'm trying to prepare myself for the worst ("blessed is he with low expectations for he is seldom disappointed") I've been getting the musical itch a bit more in the last week or two; as of next wednesday there's either going to be a catharsis*, or the need to retreat into an inner world.

This is not an invitation to political discourse, replies not necessary.

*Fully aware that the toddler in chief is almost certainly going to cause all kinds of bullshit, even if it's a clear landslide.

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