Quite possibly the most niche emoji on the fediverse: :fbc: (It's 19th century banjoist and composer Frank B. Converse)

It's 19th century English banjoist and composer James Buckley :jb:

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It's Philadelphia banjo maker, composer, writer and publisher Samuel Swaim Stewart :sss:

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It's and maker William Esperance Boucher, whose company was one of the first to mass-produce banjos starting in the mid-. :wb:

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It's so small as to be barely recognizable, but it's one of William Boucher's banjos :wb: :boucherbanjo:

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It's player, and pilot John Hartford :johnhartford: who's a little bit outside the historic banjo figure milieu, but he did have an ear in the past while still doing his own thing. He's someone I greatly respect and admire and wish I had been able to meet youtube.com/watch?v=onWArx6Ui1

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...not sure where I got the notion that Elmer Snowden played plectrum. According to Cynthia Sayers he played a tenor tuned a 5th lower than usual (GDAE) on 'Harlem Banjo'


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