For some reason got to thinking last night about the fact that, AFAIK, my great-grandfather’s cello is still kicking around my parents’ house :oh_no:

My sister, who is a music teacher and knows a little bit about pretty much every instrument a music teacher might need to, looked at it around 15 years ago when my mom was making noise about having it reconditioned. My recollection is that she declared it to be a POS. Like, not just that it needs work, but that it was never a very good instrument to begin with and the hundreds of dollars you'd pay a viol family luthier to restore it would be far better spent on a new instrument.

I should follow up with her though, because hell, free cello. Of course, if I took it into my home i would be stuck with it indefinitely in the unspoken “nobody in the family wants it but nobody in the family wants to get rid of it either” tradition.

Meanwhile, I learned you can get a complete cello outfit for $150 on ebay 👀, and while any such instrument would of course be a shitshow from any number of perspectives (the one youtube review I watched pointed out visible gobs of glue here and there), the thing about cheap, mass-produced, pacific-rim imports since the advent of CNC manufactured is that even the really cheap ones are generally pretty playable. I bought a $25 violin outfit from ebay like 10 years ago and the fiddler friend who looked at it was like, "put a properly fitted bridge and a decent set of strings on this and it would actually be fine to learn on"

Anyway, this is all an extension of the washtub bass research I was doing a couple weeks back; the more multi-tracking I do for the @magicians project, the less satisfied I am with various digital bass sounds.

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