It occurred to me earlier today that a person could make a plectrum cigar box guitar


Yesterday I learned that CGBD tuning sounds pretty nice on a baritone ukulele:

You don't get all the frets but I think you could get high enough for most basic chord melodies.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending how you look at it) bari ukes are not quite as commoditized as sopranos so it's harder to justify buying one as a pure impulse purchase

@mayor there was a kid (in 2008, so not a kid any more) who used to hang around at Elderly Instruments in East Lansing and ended up working in the stock room. He played a wicked clawhammer baritone uke, so good that Cathy Fink sat entranced and wanted to learn from him.

@scruss well, dammit, I bought an absurdly cheap "tenor guitar" (really more of a "slightly larger than baritone uke with steel strings") from ebay.

Still waiting on the cheapo acoustic tenor guitar but after re-discovering Andy Bean's later guitar work with the lately I've already half talked myself into targeting an electric tenor as my next "sell-or-trade-some-stuff" purchase; Every time I pick up my electric six-string and noodle with it I remember how nice all that sustain is.

I love the banjo, but I also recognize its limitations, and my own limitations time-wise. If I can find the discipline and an eventual outlet for it, I *might* be able to become a proficient player of 4-string instruments tuned CGBD, OR a proficient player of 6-string instruments tuned EADGBE, but probably not both.

Pissed to learn that Fender did a (very limited apparently) run of tenor Telecasters in 2019, which sold out immediately and was also discontinued immediately. Eastwood has some interesting options (including a tele) but I'll cop to having a soft-spot for Fender.

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