I need to drop my luthier a line and see what he charges for a proper setup and thorough going-over. My poor guitar has never gotten more than a string change in the 31 years I've owned it (granted, it has not been played much for a lot of those years), and it deserves a spa day.

(I mean, it’s had plenty of string changes and the occasional gentle surface cleaning, I’m not a monster)

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My 15-year old acoustic guitar (a precious to me entry-level Larrivée) is in bad need of a proper setup. Many frets probably need to be changed due to wear. Yet I haven't played it much in the past few years.

@normandc Mine is a nice oddball Fender model that I lucked into, and never really felt like it *needed* any attention back when I was originally playing it a lot.

I've been getting back into guitar over the last week or so and I'm finding it has some intonation issues that may or may not just be tired strings, and there's a loose wire or dirty contact in the jack. It's time.

So it's an acoustic with a pickup?

Mine has a pickup too, but I've only used it 2-3 times. I found I preferred to record it with a mic placed in front of the sound hole, it sounded more natural than plugged in. I play alone anyway. Might as well remove the 9V battery as it's probably dead by now. But I need to remove all strings to access it...

@normandc Mine is actually an electric with two humbucker pickups. I definitely know what you mean RE: acoustic pickups though, they often sound kind of thin to me, especially compared to a mic.

This account has been all about the banjo/acoustic stuff but electric guitar was my first instrument (not counting some trumpet in 5th grade) and my rock guitar brain has woken up lately.

Nice! I have a 1996ish US Standard Stratocaster, purple metallic body 😅 with maple neck/fretboard which I bought used in 2000. Unfortunately, I've never adapted to it. My first love remains acoustic (30 years next June). I learned piano until 13, and alto saxophone in high school.

I mostly use strumming techniques, rhythm, a tiny bit of basic fingerstyle (big fan of Tommy Emmanuel, will never be able to play anything of his though). It doesn't translate well to electric.

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