Reading Jeff Tweedy's "How to Write One Song" and I like where he's coming from so far.

I have a tendency to be overly skeptical of "how to do [ultimately intangible creative thing]" guides because I've reached a point in my life where I recognize that, on an overly simplistic level, you can learn how to do anything and even become pretty good at it *if you actually do the thing*, and do it regularly enough and long enough to get past the "I suck and I'll never get the hang of this" Don Music stage of learning.

...and he spends the first part of the book hammering on a couple of key conditions along these lines; giving yourself *permission* to do the thing, and then setting aside the time to actually do the thing (instead of saying "you know, I'd really like to do the thing someday" but then watching youtube videos for two hours instead of doing the thing.)

So much of it really is about giving yourself permission and silencing your 'who do you think you are' voice.

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