Not sure where I first encountered the "don't ever touch your truss rod, ever ever ever, you'll snap your neck, in fact, to be on the safe side don't even look at your truss rod cover" school of thought, but I guess it was early and forceful enough that, before watching a bunch of YouTube videos, I never would dared.

...and there are definitely people online who take it to the other extreme, like, their first suggestion to anyone's guitar problem is to start whaling away at the truss rod and that doesn't seem prudent either.

But, the more I played my new-to-me Epiphone, I realized I was getting some fret buzz. When I did the 'capo on the first fret, finger on the 22nd fret' test there was *no* clearance at all in the middle of the fingerboard, so I decided to have a go.

Loosen strings, quarter turn, retune, re-check the neck relief, repeat.

A total of 1/2 turn counter-clockwise made a substantial difference. Going to let it settle for a day or two and see where it's at. Pretty gratifying and emboldening!

I've been in deadline crunch mode and haven't had much guitar time these last couple of weeks, but in spare moments I've been working on getting the Epiphone dialed in. I'm thinking the previous owner might have had some seriously heavy strings on it because the bridge was nearly maxed out heightwise and the truss rod had a fair amount of backbow.

I put .09s on it and now I'm trying to sort out whether some lingering buzz is an action/relief vs "that's just what you're gonna get from these wimpy strings when you really whale on a chord." Need to r-check pickup heights as well.

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