If this first cigar box guitar isn’t a total disaster, I think I’m probably going to attempt a full-scale, solid-body electric plectrum guitar, because again, why the hell not

I've been looking up the thicknesses of various mainstream electric guitar style bodies and I should be able to get away with laminating two nominal lumber planks for a 1.5"-ish thickness, so that's cool. 1.5" seems to be where most Squiers models weigh in... a little thinner than their Fender counterparts, but my Squier strat has never felt thin, and proportionally it seems like it might work better for four strings anyway.

I'm vacillating between trying to copy (more or less) a classic style and doing my own thing.

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Decision made, lumber bought for a body (laminated spruce), my challenge-to-self now is to not overthink it and/or overdo it.

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this is going to be cool as hell if I can pull it off

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