I just realized one could set up a pretty sweet publishing workflow with [insert your favorite git non-controversial CI/CD platform here], like, on PR run lilypond to generate PDF/png/midi/whatever and upload it somewhere.

I have a private repository full of mostly 19th/early 20th century banjo music, a lot of which is half-baked and good-enough-for-personal-use , but having a publishing branch *might* give me a nudge to take stuff the extra mile


It also only occurred to me that Patreon probably has an API and/or Oauth provider, both of which they do… if my glance at the api docs is correct then one could in theory build a tiered content publishing platform and populate it directly via Git workflow, which would be pretty goddamned slick. Whenever I think about setting up a patreon a big thing that puts me off is thinking about how much time I’d have to spend wrangling content.

There are probably already such platforms out there, it just never occurred to me to look

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