Current status: contemplating getting a pretuned hand drum with a renaissance head and attempting to make a 19th-century style fretless neck for it. (Part of the reason I drifted away from fretless stuff for a while was ongoing frustration with the vagaries of actual hide heads in humid weather)

I already have a tapered peg hole reamer, optimistically purchased with a stewmac gift certificate like 10 years ago, but I forgot that I don't have a peg shaper (probably because the last time I looked, there weren't any cheap ones to be found.)

Currently contemplating buying a cheap one versus making one of these dead-simple clever ones:

A search for 'home made peg shaver' turns up any number of types of guy who are like, "Storebought ones cost like $25!!!1! way too expensive!!1! Do what I did, and use the thousands of dollars' worth of high-end precision power tools in your workshop to make one for free!"

@mayor "that's not what I thought would be in the box"

@mayor Cute little dog BTW, you should post pictures more often! 🐶

@mayor I was expecting this to be "dog ate my banjo head" ending

@mayor great big pencil sharpener, basically. I hope you have peg dope, too!

I had a banjo with Pegheds geared tapered pens. They were really good

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