Hmmm someone's selling a 5-string project banjo that appears to have a newer pot married with what I think I've identified as an early 20th century "Sears Supertone" neck on it, and from what I've read those were made by Rettburg & Lange. Definitely a budget instrument in its time but I kinda want to look at it

...only problem is it's two hours away and the seller refuses to take any more than the one dimly lit photo they posted, and he's asking probably at least $50 more than it's worth

It would be an excuse to make a day trip to Maine either way though :eyethink:

ohhhh forget that, there's a catch-all "yard sale" listing with a tenor banjo that I haven't ID'd yet but is definitely from William Lange's factory, maybe even a Paramount.

I haven't been looking for a tenor but if they're selling it for a junk price (it's an old listing and the head is split/strings jangly) I may jump on it only because my Paramount plectrum is one of the nicest instruments I've ever played


Oh hmm, actually I think it's a "Puntolillo Majestic" of some kind, although it does look like it's got Lange DNA

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Ah well, at least I determined from the barely-communicative seller that he no longer has it

Real talk though, at this point in my life I know myself well enough to recognize that if I find myself obsessively looking at gear, something is out of whack.

buying a new instrument is not a sustainable strategy for self-motivation

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