Responded to a craigslist community post from a guitarist looking for people to play "earlier jazz" with, even though that almost certainly does not mean 1920s, nor that they'd want plectrum banjo

Whoa, actually they're like "Sure, give me a shout" and turns out they own a localish music store (which I've been meaning to check out forever but haven't because, pandemic aside, it's in a part of a town I have errands in or near) 👀


I finally took it upon myself to just drop in and introduce myself.

Nice guy and we wound up shooting the shit 45 minutes past his usual closing time, so that was pleasant

I didn’t think my clever plan all the way through; it being a music store, of course he handed me a 5-string banjo and was like “let’s play some tunes” (in a friendly encouraging way, not a show-me-what-you-got way) and I was ill-prepared for that in any genre

But I’d like to think I didn’t come across as a total chump.

He’s starting up a twice-monthly jazz jam at a local(ish) place and I’m going to go lurk this week and see how far out of my depth I am

Also, said jam is in a storied dive bar (and legit prohibition speakeasy) I’ve wanted to check out forever

@djsundog yeah! A grad from your alma mater, although a couple of years after your time iirc

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