Not only did I snag a fully-loaded vintage spun-over rim from craigslist for a song, the seller offered to ship it (and already gave me a tracking number), thus saving me a couple of hours of driving for what I would have spent on gas anyway 😎

I'm well-aware that this will be something like the 4th banjo-in-progress I've got kicking around, but I *could not* pass up all that lovely hardware for what they were asking.

I might attempt a banjeaurine neck for it, or might see about marrying it to the neck from that wall-hanger I was theorizing 3-d printing a pot for

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This was a good deal and got here super fast! Included with it was a new tailpiece, in its original shipping envelope, which is how I know it had been kicking around the seller’s house for at least four years before they decided they were never actually going to do anything with it😬

I’m going to try not to let it sit around that long

@mayor I had a lovely a-scale that used a pot identical to that

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