Today I learned about the Lumpy's Tone Shop 7 Series Overdrive (formerly known as the Lemon Drop) which approximates the sound of an overdriven Vox 7-series amp, which today I also learned was the amp used on any number of particularly tasty sounding Beatles and Led Zeppelin guitar parts :blobsweats:


gear lust 

I’m old enough to know by now that the answer to “how can I sound like [iconic musician and/or recording]” movies is “Be [iconic musician during those recording sessions]”

and yet…

my parents had LPs of Revolver and the Hey Jude compilation and both were in pretty heavy rotation through the entirety of my infancy and young adulthood and in many ways *that sound* is a platonic ideal for me in a way I didn’t fully appreciate until I went down the obsessive Beatles recording minutia rabbit hole and learned about the Vox UL730 (and this pedal.)

based on all of the demos I’ve watched the Dr. Robert really does nail it (I should see if I can find some videos of people using it for stuff other than iconic Beatles riffs, though; hard to tell if my brain is responding to the , or just releasing dopamine in response to the musical patterns that are burned into my neural pathways like a pong game left running on an old black and white CRT tv) :blobsweats:

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