: Do you log your practice time? Tell me about the app or home-grown cobbled together system you use. (boosts +)

(This post brought to you by me having just dusted off the half-baked Django logging app I wrote about a year ago, used for a couple of months, then got distracted by some shiny thing)

...I've been working on this and it's actually reaching a point of being done enough to *maybe* deploy as a web app (like, that other people can use too)

I need a good name/domain name for it though

It’s still super bare-bones but it’s… actually already super useful?

(I need to implement invite codes and a hard limit on user accounts, at which point I’ll open this up )

... it's going to be a little longer than that, actually. The project is at an inflection point where adding any further functionality is going to be a no-turning-back commitment to the stack I started with, and that would hamstring the ability to eventually open up the API to remote clients (without having to basically implement it twice.)

The good news is that it's early days and (famous last words) shouldn't take too long to re-implement the current endpoints


...current state: warily leaning towards refactoring and combining the auth and DB layer to use Supabase, which is in that queasy "technically it's a bunch of open source tools stacked up in a trenchcoat and you can self-host it with Docker, but you know sooner or later you're probably going to just pay us for hosting" gray area, but it's a damn compelling suite built on top of postgresql.

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🤯 it occurred to me just now to look and see if hooktheory.com has an API, and they do, and it should be possible to add a supabase auth provider to the app, meaning you could log in with your hooktheory account and seamlessly have access to a hypothetical in-app chord progression generator powered by their data.

(… which would be pretty cool but would require a paid Hooktheory account, so 😕)

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