Rediscovered in my attic last night: a bushel basket full of old piano keys left by the previous owner. I think they might actually be piano keys grafted into somebody’s unfinished homemade mad scientist project

…maybe not, I had forgotten that there is at least some of the rest of an upright piano in pieces up there too. But the keys in the basket are in various stages of having been repainted where veneer chipped off etc.

Maybe I’ll work up the nerve to ask my neighbor, who grew up in this house, if he knows anything about it. Like, I don’t think it was a “don’t want to pay somebody to haul this old piano away” situation, they would have just thrown it outside (going by other evidence)

:bing: how to reassemble old piano :oh_no:


“I bet I could totally make something out of this,” the dumbass said to himself

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