me: guitar pedal kits are such a scam, why should I pay 35 bucks for an enclosure and a handful of components

also me: has been meaning to order some enclosures and a bunch of components for literally months but never does because making a shopping list and plugging it all into an online shopping cart is too much work fairness to myself, every time I sit down and try to do the shopping list thing, there's at least one component out of stock, etc. and then an hour later I'm sitting here with 50 tabs open and a headache

... and for the price of a lot of kits now I might as well just buy a premade pedal

ooh I am going Out And About this afternoon and there’s an honest-to-god hobbyist electronics store right on the way to my primary destination 👀

Hell yeah got me some transistors and diodes

... I was not going to pay $18 for slightly-too-large aluminum enclosures and I struck out in the footswitch/potentiometer/knob departments, but I should easily be able do a one-stop order of all of *those* online

…made a larger-than-intended order from, which combined with parts and equipment acquired in dribs and drabs over the last several years finally sets me up with a proper Lego starter bucket for screwing around with this stuff

I think my first attempted project is going to be a Dallas Rangemaster clone (altered to use an NPN transistor so as to work with center-negative power supplies)


Now, if I could only carve out a few consecutive “brain not used up yet” hours of time to fool around with this stuff 😔

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