Thinking about becoming a guy with a label maker

…looking at modern (thermal, I assume?) options and then getting swept by a dizzying wave of nostalgia for the OG Dymo we had kicking around the house when I was a kid

I know thermal is the way to go for any number of reasons but dang

(IIRC the plastic tape never stuck to anything worth a damn, but that was also probably because I would put it on inappropriate and non-stationary surfaces)

@alex yeah, I’ve been thinking about it for most of my adult life tbh

@mayor i also became a thermal printer guy—even better

@mayor They still make it. I want - but can't justify - the Dymo Rhino labeller which uses stainless steel tape.

For complex reasons, I have a bunch of different thermal tape labellers. Dymo have got a bit proprietary recently, but they do work decently.

The one I use most is a Brother P-touch Cube. It can only work from an app via bluetooth (or via some very horrible Python code). It's used the same batteries for years and the tape cartridges are long.

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