Going to try dragging myself kicking and screaming out of the house today to:

- check out the newish coffee-and-used-guitar shop several towns away, which looks like an awesome vibe on IG
- *finally* pick up the cash for the strat I sold on consignment last year, lol (place is an hour away. I had assumed they'd send a check, but no, they want you to come back to the store so you can immediately blow your $$$ on gear)
- blow some of my $$$ on a case for my plectrum banjo, if they have one


...also going to trade/consign my ram's head big muff reissue, it's probably a "Playing too quietly through a solid state amp" me thing, but I've owned two muff variants now and the only sounds I've been able to get out of them are "wow, sounds like shit" and "wow, REALLY sounds like shit"

@alex yeah I remember you posting that on the pixelfed site and it's been on my radar ever since! I should try to find a YouTube muff/T4 comparison demo. As popular as muffs are, and hearing the sounds some guitarists are able to get out of them, I feel like I must be missing some ingredient (besides skill, lol)

@mayor as a 70s/80s rock guy I love mids and regular muffs have none

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