…looking at modern (thermal, I assume?) options and then getting swept by a dizzying wave of nostalgia for the OG Dymo we had kicking around the house when I was a kid

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This thing is for sale for $20 but I do *not* have room for it, nor room to tinker on it because it probably doesn't work

I just saw one of these IRL- didn’t actually have time to play it but I picked it up and jeez it is *tiny*! It’s gotta be jag scale if not shorter

That finish, though :blobsweats:

Johnny Mastodon, traveling the countryside and starting new instances wherever he goes

Not that I couldn’t get the same thing price matched and shipped to my doorstep with a generous return policy, but that local-ish listing would have let me indulge in polite fiction of responsibility, in terms trying-before-buying in-store

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lol and lmao

so Prisma transforms datetime fields into native JS Date objects, which is entirely reasonable, but nextjs won't serialize them in server-side operations, For Reasons, so you get fun runtime type errors, and neither project is willing to concede that it might be useful to have the option to enable or disable date parsing.

The only viable workaround not involving poorly documented experimental/unstable additional libraries (as far as I can tell) is to take your prisma results and run them through JSON.parse(JSON.stringify)

great ecosystem

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I've sure posted this before but I'm looking at updating my static "professional" landing page a little bit and, as always, I'm pretty sure this is the best photo that has ever or will ever be taken of me, 5 years ago now

(Shout out to Niles at North Quabbin Productions)

number 20, another one actually made with a loop pedal. Epiphone SG -> super-cheap Sonicake reverb+delay -> EHX Ram's Head muff reissue -> EQD Aqueduct

(No muff on the background guitar)

number 19, more ikaosillator 🤷 this time with some reverb and knob twiddling in post

18, another quick one with iKaosillator (I should try it on ipad, all I can really do on my phone is swipe a digit around and call it good because the screen is so small)

number 17. I'm trying my best not to slip into the usual "x days behind, why bother spiral," although this week hasn't made it easy.

Recorded to this one on an actual cheap looper pedal, which is why my timing is a little janky (need to spend more time fooling around with loops) and why it's a little noisy. I was able to get the recorded loop off the pedal via USB and fiddle around with it... the recorded audio was *very* quiet compared to how loud it was coming through the amp, not sure if that's a Hi-Z/impedance thing or what.

Anyway, Jazzmaster, EQD Aqueduct, Orange CR35RT

number 16. It's randomly generated code (neat feature that's built into the REPL,) which feels like cheating, but the major breakthrough today was getting MIDI sorted out. I'll spend some time actually fooling around with code tomorrow.

This is strudel, in a web browser, controlling Streetlytron Pro on an iPad over bluetooth, playing a blend of the 'Harry Male Solo' and 'Birotron Choir' voices.

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number 15, pretty uninspired but good "don't overthink it" tracking practice. Gave the Epiphone Dot some love, it had been a minute. Jag bass, Rock Drum Machine

number 14. I surprised myself with this one, which was going to be a "meh just do something and go to bed" one... I just looked at the clock 😵

I wasn't aping Ritchie Blackmore on purpose, but I am seriously loving the trem on the Jazzmaster.

Everything was straight into the iPad this time. Garageband smart drummer. The lead tone was using one of Saturn 2's modeled/overdriven amps, and I gotta say it's pretty nice

number 13, closing the gap. Lazy 12-bar blues, guitar with detuned reverb (Bleass shimmer) and optigan drums. This wound up a lot lower-fi than I would have liked because I didn't pay attention to my signal chain/gain staging, and I wound up scrapping a track because I forgot about Auria Pro's fun "randomly mangles your midi data" feature.

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