I just encountered this as a direct-to-facebook video post, and wanted to make sure it was available elsewhere. The sound quality is dreadful but it's still fantastic.

William J. Ball was an incredible classic style banjo player - there are some clips of him from the 1980s on YouTube that I should mirror as well peertube.social/videos/watch/3

Welp, it has already been a year since I recorded this song from 1872, which means it's also been a year that I've been spinning my wheels on the EP recording project I learned it for. Trying to get that back on the front burner, it feels like a few things have been slowly coalescing over the last couple of months. peertube.social/videos/watch/d

Re-upped the premium trial, I'd forgotten how satisfying it is. Here's a duet by Herbert J. Ellis called "Cobler Breakdown", written circa 1900.

...and here's the first strain of "Banjoland," once through. I've got the whole piece about 90% "under my fingers" as the saying goes, with the remaining challenges being to put all the parts together without stumbling, and play it maybe a little bit faster.

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to this recording I did some years back of "A Christmas Carol" by Alfred Cammeyer, written circa 1900. Cammeyer wrote for 5-string and plectrum banjo with a singular sentimentality.

My playing is rougher around the edges than I remember, but when is that ever not the case?


I wrote a thing for the equinox. I began working on this *last* fall and managed to get it cleaned up for this year. Not sure I'll have it rehearsed enough to record tonight but I can at least share the dots:


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