As mentioned in a previous post, I've challenging myself to learn one new jazz standard per week for the next 60 weeks.*

This week's tune is "After You've Gone" by Henry Creamer & John T. Layton, written in 1918 and now in the .

In case anyone wants to play along, I'll try to be faithful about posting a new lead sheet every Sunday; I figure Saturday is a pretty good "due date" for many people who have the day off, and Sunday's a good day to start working on a new one for the same reason.

Until/Unless I can think of a snappy challenge name and hashtag, I'm going to call it Jazz Tune of the Week (.) The goal is to learn a tune well enough to record an audio or video clip of yourself playing it... whether that's singing, playing the melody, or vamping chords, or laying down a smooth bass line. You don't have to commit to grinding for 60 weeks if you don't want to, dropping in and out is fine.

Please boost! I'm going to do this myself regardless but the more the merrier.

*60 weeks because I'm working through an arbitrary "standards every jazz banjo player should know" list that has 60 songs on it


, "Briggs' Breakdown" from from Briggs Banjo Instructor (1855) I recorded a few years back. Audio boosted, pretty noisy :briggsbook:

Sneak preview of a track I'll be releasing to Bandcamp tomorrow! It's a funeral march from #1865, played on a fretted banjo in concert pitch with accompaniment.

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