Here's "8th of January", another tune that I have no real memory of multitracking 11+ years ago, despite the fact that I included a flatpicked guitar lead.

On the one hand, it's nice to periodically come across stuff I recorded 10+ years ago that sounds way better (in terms of both recording quality and performance) than I would have thought. On the other, it underscores my need to get my shit together and just *release* stuff instead of yak shaving it to death. Here's a really nice solo tune called 'Snowdrop', which I recorded in 2008 if metadata is to be believed.

...and here's the first strain of "Banjoland," once through. I've got the whole piece about 90% "under my fingers" as the saying goes, with the remaining challenges being to put all the parts together without stumbling, and play it maybe a little bit faster.

to this recording I did some years back of "A Christmas Carol" by Alfred Cammeyer, written circa 1900. Cammeyer wrote for 5-string and plectrum banjo with a singular sentimentality.

My playing is rougher around the edges than I remember, but when is that ever not the case?

#banjo and its inextricable legacy of racism and cultural appropriation 

Working on a tune from 1868 this week, which has a darker sound than its name would suggest.

Sneaking in late with last week's over at, "The Modoc Reel" by Frank Converse, from 1886.

I have been idly wondering for a while if there's any kind of open-source version of the various commercial "Band in a Box" type apps that are out there that let you plug in chord patterns and use that to generate accompaniment tracks for practice/recording/etc, and I just came across "MMA - Musical MIDI Accompaniment" which has been around for a long time but for some reason has a low profile:

I wrote a thing for the equinox. I began working on this *last* fall and managed to get it cleaned up for this year. Not sure I'll have it rehearsed enough to record tonight but I can at least share the dots:


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