Still not over how heartbreakingly good Blackstar is

Ohh, this looks fun:

years and years ago I managed to get "Singing Computer" (an old and seemingly long-abandoned project that duct-taped and the festival text-to-speech engine together) working, but it was an ordeal and always felt pretty brittle.

Play a G major chord "on guitar" using the 'play' command from the sox package.
play -n synth pl G2 pl B2 pl D3 pl G3 pl D4 pl G4 delay 0 .05 .1 .15 .2 .25 remix - fade 0 4 .1 norm -1

If I were a person working at the friendly local music store, I would simply not mildly neg a customer for buying the cheaper instrument cable

One year ago I was on a trad jazz kick, all fired up to learn a bunch of standards on despite there being no local scene of any kind. I think maybe I thought I could manifest my own scene through sheer force of will; I definitely had visions of crafting the perfect craigslist post to find kindred spirits.

As usual, it did not take long for me to get thoroughly distracted by something else; in this case electric guitar, and then between my project and the coronavirus delta variant over the summer, and a general lack of self-confidence, the jazz thing petered out.

I'm mostly OK with that - if I *had* to make a resolution for this year, it would be to hold my tongue and post about things I've done instead posting declarations of intent.

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Wordle 214 2/6


Pretty excited by the sonic possibilities of the Superego pedal + the Zoom pedal-controlled pitch shift + various non guitar instruments, I need to figure out the whole signal chain

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Spa night for the Epiphone, which I hadn't played in a little while. Intonation has gone sharp, even with a new set of strings, and I'm guessing the truss rod may have settled in a little bit in the opposite direction. It's too late for further tinkering tonight. 😴

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itmslaves dot com - ostensibly a fan community for the "No agenda" podcast which I had not heard of, but which apparently Adam Curry and John Dvorak having an "unfiltered discussion about politics" and my god does that sound like a living hell

A brief scroll of the admin's TL would suggest that it's an anti-vax, anti-science, pro-cryptocurrency, uber-christian homeschool sort of a crowd

@Taweret @infernusgoatus if you stare into the Wotan long enough, the Wotan stares back

TIL there is a `.guitars` TLD, yours for only $130 per year πŸ™„

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@alex I am picturing your neighbors as Old Gregg

creating a very little hill to die on called "dance of the sugar plum fairy is not a christmas tune and should not be used as such"

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