@scruss yes! There was a metafilter thread about them years ago (which I can’t seem to find) and something reminded me about it bloomberg.com/news/articles/20

(IIRC the plastic tape never stuck to anything worth a damn, but that was also probably because I would put it on inappropriate and non-stationary surfaces)

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I know thermal is the way to go for any number of reasons but dang

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…looking at modern (thermal, I assume?) options and then getting swept by a dizzying wave of nostalgia for the OG Dymo we had kicking around the house when I was a kid

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@alex yeah, I’ve been thinking about it for most of my adult life tbh

Thinking about becoming a guy with a label maker

Sounds like spring, smells like spring, feels like spring.

@touk will dig up the link when I get back to my desktop but my “still mostly only grasping overall shapes of things” understanding is that the polarity of the transistor’s emitter has to match the current flow from the power supply, and if you want to use it with a daisy chain power supply where everything else is center-negative, you can’t get away with swapping the +/- connections at the jack

Now, if I could only carve out a few consecutive “brain not used up yet” hours of time to fool around with this stuff 😔

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Perpetually mad that pipe organ pizza parlors aren’t still a thing

personally i don't find many of these ballads very powerful

I think my first attempted project is going to be a Dallas Rangemaster clone (altered to use an NPN transistor so as to work with center-negative power supplies)

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…made a larger-than-intended order from stompboxparts.com, which combined with parts and equipment acquired in dribs and drabs over the last several years finally sets me up with a proper Lego starter bucket for screwing around with this stuff

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*to the tune of Shout by Tears For Fears*

Little potat
He wants to know where the treats are at
Come on
He's meowing at you
Come on

These plums were iceboxed coldly 🎶

... I was not going to pay $18 for slightly-too-large aluminum enclosures and I struck out in the footswitch/potentiometer/knob departments, but I should easily be able do a one-stop order of all of *those* online

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