@alex I'm a simple man, I see the name 'Mrs. Miller' and I reflexively share a link youtube.com/watch?v=EqINg3H3DI

It looks like I've probably got a "living history" style gig at an Old Home Day* celebration this fall, where they've decided to do a US Civil War theme, and want some period-appropriate music.

It's been a *long* time since I did a specifically civil-war focused thing and I definitely have mixed feelings about it now. The town in question is a tony Boston exurb, though, and I don't *think* their historical society would be going for a full-on reenactment with local dipshits pretending to be confederates like it's a sports team.

When it comes down to it though, I'd rather people remember the visceral sound of a low-tuned fretless banjo and bones (if my old partner in crime is available) playing real arrangements from the time period than a shitty 2nd south carolina stringband wanna-be outfit playing 'Dixie' and 'Bonnie Blue Flag' on modern steel strung instruments. Maybe I can find or write a pamphlet about banjo and cultural appropriation to distribute.

* Old Home Days are a mostly (I think?) New England thing that amounts to a town holding a small country fair for current and former residents

The final Antietam Early Banjo Gathering was seven years ago. I was lucky enough to attend the last five of them from 2011-2015, and for as long as I live I will yearn to be in that big old threshing barn on this last weekend of June.

I miss it, and my oddball adopted banjo family, so much


Honestly a cheap little tripod and my phone’s wide-angle lens would probably scratch most of this itch in terms of having a mic close enough to get decent sound (phones really are pretty good these days) *and* get video with out having the camera up my nose

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I know it’s about 80% gear-chasing instead of just doing the thing, but until such time as I have the luxury of a space where I can leave a recording rig set up *and* use that space at all hours without worrying about disturbing/waking anyone, I’m thinking about getting something like a zoom h1n for ad hoc stuff

@alex I saw one of the Squier offset teles IRL last week and I knew better than to try it

@calcifer @Aleums my favorite “why are you wearing a kilt/skirt” retort is “what else am I going to do with it?”

If there was never a cracking group named Warezwolvez, there should have been send toot

You know what? This tintype of my dork-ass self is cool as hell

There should be an option to auto-defederate from Pleroma instances.

Thinking about making a twitch channel that's just scheduled "we'll be back" messages with bad CC0 jazz elevator music playlists

We seek...
You are Number Six...
Who is Number One

(I am not a number, I am a free man!)

The Prisoner Theme (Free Man Mix)

Link: the wacky time signatures in the theme song to TV’s _Transformers_ 

@futzle I am going to watch this over morning coffee tomorrow! But in the meantime I have to share the amazing Scott Bradlee “Saturday Morning Slow Jams” version of the Transformers theme: youtu.be/oRRgsYvnPxs

(Trying hard not think about how good that limited edition purple tolex Glenn Hughes Orange Crush bass amp would look on this)

I have not actually tried it out yet but it looks good (also, I may put off the oak pedalboard, which does not match at all, and just paint a scrap plank purple instead) #ampstand #🍊

Personal, dad 

@alex fwiw from this non-dad, I think you’re crushing it

(Oof, that reverb is absolute overkill when re-combined with the video, knowing the actual size of my living room. Back to the DAW before I post this one to IG/YT)

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