Trying to visualize an offset SG style guitar but, like, somehow a little less politely offset than the LTD Viper

I wish I still had Illustrator (or a day job excuse to need graphics enough to actually learn Inkscape) :blobsad:

Reminder to look away from your screens, unhunch your shoulders, and do a little stretch

but, it's probably good to be forced to be more mindful about how much related data one actually needs and where

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Oof, so if you make a (relational DB) query with prisma and say "Include records from this relationship" it does so by doing a separate query

I think that's the default behavior in Django too but Django has options that let you explicitly specify that a table should be joined, or doing a 'select from [related table] where related_id in [ids from the main query]' instead of doing n+1 queries everywhere all the time

I mean I know this stuff is hard, especially when you're supporting multiple backends, but the response to tickets asking about joins seems to pretty much be "queries are cheap lol"

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All of that being said, is some next-level shit once you start to wrap your head around it

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This Wednesday night (11/30) at State Park bar in #kendallsquare in #cambridge #cambridgema from 9 til close!

I’ll be playing an all-night #vinyldj set, featuring crappy 70s/80s beach movies on the tv and 35mm film photography by Renee Newman.

No cover, 21+. Tips appreciated!

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...I also have a stubbornly hard time with the whole "better to load a page incrementally than for a user to suffer the grave indignity of having a page take more than a hundredth of a second to respond" thing

like, try surfing the internet on a noisy 56k AOL internet connection and *then* talk to me about page loading times

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One of the hardest shifts for me to make as someone who learned how to build web stuff when most people were still on 56K dial-up connections is the modern "just indiscriminantly make a bunch of HTTP requests to load the various parts of a page, whatever 🤷" philosophy

Since I decided to implement my own generic foreign keys for things like tagging, it means I lose the ability to do prisma queries that automagically return collections of related objects, which means that I either need to write a bunch of extra code to achieve that server side, or just give in and make multiple requests (and, in turn, multiple db queries) to load that data sequentially on the client side. It's not a _ton_ of extra requests but it feels so... inelegant

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has there been an official “keep the code, ditch the new corporate crypto owners” community fork of gitea yet? I set up my own instance like a month before the takeover and it’s been nice having my own code vault, but I feel increasingly skeevy using it

Hey fediverse: Does there exist an audio equivalent of ? IE, hit a url or a web api and get a random audio file? I’m at the “need to populate the database with a bunch of fake data” stage and I know I *could* just use files I’ve got kicking around locally but real-world randomness is always better.

(Boosts welcome)

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This plus Wi-Fi and cheap ubiquitous low-power LED lighting is the low-key sci-fi future stuff that genuinely blows my old 20th century self away… I mean, a wifi repeater and a little propane space heater and 💥

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I’m once again daydreaming about the studio shed I’d like to build in the woods behind my house and holy shit, it looks like ~$500 is enough to get set up with a solar panel + battery powerful enough to power a guitar amp for hours 👀

Okay fediverse, I have a genuine favor to ask of you:

I love #music. The weirder the better. Send me some weird music to check out. I'm particularly interested in bands that are innovating but still accessible - indigenous instruments infused with western genres, unique use of instruments within the genre, interesting song structures/keys/etc.

No wrong answers here, though obviously it may not be my cup of tea. No harm in taste testing though. Please boost for visibility.

Anyway, it occurs to me that if I’m using UUID primary keys then I shouldn’t need to worry about data types in a hypothetical “I just want m2m tagging without umpty join tables” scenario, at least from one side of the join. I could still kluge a ‘type’ field into the join table to be able to query by tag + type if I needed to

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TypeORM doesn't solve the polymorphism problem, but it feels better than prisma, but (and maybe this is a me problem) it suffers from the "has lots of documentation that doesn't really explain how anything works if you aren't already familiar with it" problem

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Bought a couple of Udemy songwriting courses

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