Whoa, I actually got a nibble on my bandmix profile, first one in the 5 years I've had the account, lol

Time to start crafting a craigslist music community post with the seemingly impossible goal of finding musicians who

* are neither total newbies nor seasoned pros
* looking for a reason to play regularly but not *too* regularly
* preferably my age-ish
* into my peculiar venn diagram of overlapping niches that does not seem to be on anybody's radar anywhere around here

it's work-in-progress and kinda experimental because i don't know how well it would actually scale but

inspired by @codl's forget.codl.fr/, here is a PR to implement automatic post cleanup in #Mastodon



@redoak Oh, yeah, given that I willingly purchased a pearloid-clad neck I am not worried about appearance, lol. It's part of the instrument's story now. When I was lucky enough to see multiple banjos from the mid-1800s at the Antietam gathering, it was instructive to see the obvious repair jobs that had been done to some of them over the years.

The only reason I'd really mess with this repair further is if that tactile edge winds up being actively annoying in use.

nationalize the multi-track master tapes of all pre-1972 recordings made in USia you cowards

Looking closer at the flange, it looks like it was made to accommodate a five-string neck, and although it fits perfectly over the bracket lugs I have to wonder if it’s an aftermarket upgrade to this pot; there’s a nice little bit of purfling visible that doesn’t seem like they would have bothered with for a resonator model.

The tone-ring looks to be home-made, the holes are pretty regularly drilled but not *machine shop* precise. Really curious to see what it sounds like.

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Well, two of the clamps shifted and slipped off when I went to move it so I just took them all off and cleaned up the glue. A real luthier could probably had gotten it *just so* but this isn’t too bad; the thin edge of the crack is ever so slightly raised, maybe enough to be annoying when sliding up and down the neck, but it remains to be seen. I might do a spot test on the heel with a tiny tab of nitrocellulose lacquer from the project and see what happens; it oughtn’t take much to smooth that seam.

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The neck was actually pretty much split clean through except for just a couple of fibers that were apparently being held in place by the strings.

Having to separate parts made it easer to get glue onto all the surfaces it needed to be on, actually. Current status: clamping for 24 hours and then chilling out for a couple of days before I try putting new strings on it (which reminds me, I also need to come up with a nut blank and see if I can still lay my hands on my very small files)

I *think* it may come out just fine? It was a very clean break, very easy to align the parts. I know it's not an uncommon repair, but it's a thin neck and I don't know what the wood is, but it doesn't feel/look all that hard, so we'll see. It'll be fun turning those pegs and bracing myself for catastrophic structural failure.

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Might be back on my bullshit? I've been rediscovering the enjoyment of simple accompaniment for pleasant melodies

fuck it, I'm releasing my databending drum machine TONIGHT

make drum loops with percussive samples procedurally generated from opus codec glitches!~ 🥁💥💻


…fooled around with plectrum again tonight and I know it’s partly that I still have the chord shapes more or less memorized but jeez, plectrum chord voicings are so nice and mellow compared to tenor.

Wonder if I’m going to wind up flipping the tenor I just bought once I glue the neck back together

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@scruss I'd have a much harder time resisting a local listing for a stroh fiddle

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