I did a thing - as of today I'm officially (*really* officially) releasing music on bandcamp as 'Capharnaum County Magicians Society'.

I've released one track, recorded several years back and finally mixed/mastered in 2020.

More to come...


*slaps roof of disneyland* this bad boy can fit so many crying children in it

Glad I am able to resist this Izotope bundle, currently on sale for an absurdly good price ($49, which is about $850 off the usual price):


I'm already pretty well invested in iOS as a dev environment, and I've already got too much software that I never use.

@Jazzaria I've been fooling around with an iPad app called Patterning 2 which has great support for custom samples, and I've tinkered some with this very nice free collection of junk percussion sounds: waveforms.fairlyconfusing.net/

I suspect that I'll wind up with something more like a sparse 4/4 pattern, but fairly straight/square by modern standards.

i. it is better to delete code than to write code.

ii. the more code software has, the worse it becomes.

iii. the best software is that which does not exist.

iv. merely good programmers solve problems. truly great programmers do not confront them in the first place.

v. the greatest programmer of all is the humble farmer who spends his days in hard and honest labor growing food for his family and people, who has never in his life heard of a computer, and never will

Challenge: figure out drums/percussion for music written in 2/4 in 1872 in a way that is neither shit-kicking country bass-snare-bass-snare nor oddly modernizing 4/4 rock-pop. I may be able to find a happy medium via a garageband drummer, although I'd like to be able to use my own kit

@cecilia yeah, based on the app reviews it sounds like a good clean score gets decent results, but as a lot of what I'd use it for is from not-great quality PDFs scanned from old books (some better than others) I'd probably spend a lot of time fighting with it

Like, nobody who's ever used any kind of OCR would ever have a reasonable expectation that a single app could magically scan sheet music into a digital format (exportable to MusicXML etc) with no glitches or corrections needed.

If an app can take care of even 80% of the drudgery of manual input that seems like a win, although I can imagine spending all of your time doing clean-up vs entering it correctly yourself might get old quickly.

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Hmm, I am tempted to spend $4 on an iOS sheet music scanning app with surprisingly good reviews overall. (Particularly when you disregard all the one star reviews by people who apparently don't have even the slightest conception of what a fantastically complex problem this app is trying to solve for $4)

Here is a nice article about the recording of Tom Waits' "Mule Variations" - it gets into specific mics and recording techniques used but it's also a good look at Tom Waits' process.

(The rooster on Chocolate Jesus was captured live when he decided to open the doors of the barn/studio they were recording in, a completelyl happy accident)


Been tinkering with some sound tests, and the more I use it, the more I love Fabfilter’s Pro-R reverb; its really amazingly good. (And *cheap* for Pro on iPad; a fraction of the cost of the desktop plugin, same functionality as far as I know. Likewise Their Pro-Q EQ plugin. pricey for iOS apps but worth every penny, professional quality tools.) pro-tip: if you time it right you can get Auria and the plug-ins for 50% off, they go on sale a couple of times a year.

I had a bit of a lightbulb moment a few moments ago: When I think about the kind of music I aspire to make (beyond just playing 150 year old solo banjo snippets,) it is "music that sounds like the Brothers Quays' animation looks"

(Which is to say... rather like the music featured in this trailer. To bad I don't play any bowed instruments)


I feel like I'm finally starting to wrap my head around using 2 to do actual song sequences with multiple patterns; I've fooled around with the app on and off since v1 and it's tremendously powerful, but my "come up with a set of patterns which, when strung together, sound good and not totally robotic" chops are still very weak. Probability layers should go a long way towards helping things feel a little looser

I just had an conceptual breakthrough in the context of using to control an external app or device: Buried in Auria's piano roll view is the 'BankSel MSB (CC O)' view selector, where you can manually create bank select events along the timeline, thus telling the external app/device what bank to use.

Welp, it has already been a year since I recorded this song from 1872, which means it's also been a year that I've been spinning my wheels on the EP recording project I learned it for. Trying to get that back on the front burner, it feels like a few things have been slowly coalescing over the last couple of months. peertube.social/videos/watch/d

Don't confuse this current #WFH arrangement with more typical remote working circumstances

Ideal remote work normally doesn't involve the entire family being stuck in the house nearly 24/7, fighting for privacy + Internet access

Heck it may not even require you to be at home or office, maybe a nice nearby cafe or library or study area with Wi-Fi

Don't want this experience to be sour grapes for those struggling with WFH, and end in imposing mandatory office work upon thriving remote workers

So much for the old-time bug that bit me briefly a couple of months ago; had things been different this spring I do believe I would have gone out and tried to find folks to play with but we all know how that turned out. πŸ˜”

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In true cart-before-horse fashion I just registered a domain name and bandcamp URL that I'm pretty surprised were available

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