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I'm indulging this itch tonight, attempting to compile vice64 on my Raspberry Pi so I can work there. Big question #1 I ran into is: "Can I just write an ASCII file and then load it into the emulator" and the answer seems to be yes, with a program called 'petcat'

I also found a Java utility called droid64 that can create/read C64 disk images, and copy files to/from them, but per the above article, vice supports loading basic .PRG files directly without mounting disks 👍

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I know that there are various SID trackers available but one of the things I remember always wondering about as a kid was how the heck you made music with multiple voices, and a little bit of poking around is turning up some BASIC examples (good old Jim Butterfield!)

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@js0000 yeah, it's mostly a matter of competing priorities and having a dozen other irons in the fire. (faffing around with RPM challenge chiptunes when I've got a banjo EP I've been working on for almost a year already, etc.)

My latest ADHD scheme: attempt the on an emulated C64, writing BASIC to implement 3-voice tunes using the celebrated SID chip.

(I would assist myself in this matter by using python to generate the massive DATA statements that would make up the bulk of the tracks, maybe even from MIDI sources)

I am probably not going to do *actually* do this, but my hyperfocus brain is locked onto the idea right this second.

Anyone get a new for the holidays and want an instant learning library? I've got this pile of books , all of the CDs are included and still playable as far as I know. The Ross Nickerson book is autographed.

$25 for the lot including media mail postage anywhere in the U.S. Ping me if interested; first come, first served.


The API they most probably used to collect public toots can be disabled since 3.0 by unchecking “Allow unauthenticated access to public timeline” in your instance's Site settings

Further patreon musings 

Now entering chicken-and-egg vaporlock where I'm trying to conceptualize an actual web site (currently the domain just bounces to my youtube channel) *and* figure out patreon, and spinning my wheels on both.

On the plus side, I've got my lilypond workflow more or less worked out, where I can generate multiple artefacts (notation only/tablature/midi/transpositions) from a single source file in one step

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Hey @Louisa look what I just found in an 1877 banjo instruction book, I'm gonna work on it

New gab friendly 

Here we go again, a new gab friendly instance.

Qoto people have alts there.
The dev of gab friendly fork of tusky called husky is there.

#fediBlock #mastoAdmin

major musical software peeve 

@artsyhonker notation software definitely tends to support 2/4, but things like garageband or various "plug in some chords and get a backing track" apps tend to overlook it

That being said, the '2beatpa' groove is *exactly* the simple piano comping pattern I was hoping to find (left hand single bass note, right hand single chord.)

I think there's a similar "oompah" bass pattern defined somewhere but it looks like I'll need to create a custom groove to isolate it.

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As I explore the MMA grooves included in the standard library I'm finding with some frustration that a lot of them seem to have been created without much care in terms of the actual style they claim to be creating (like... bluegrass does not usually have snare drums, and dixieland banjo is not arpeggiated)

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major musical software peeve 

Developers of musical applications that support time signatures rarely include support for 2/4 time, or if they do it's purely mathematical and therefore results in awkward truncated patterns.

#LilyPond #chordmode tip 

I had found this before and it took me 20 minutes to find it again, so I'm posting it for posterity:

If you're using chordmode to indicate chord changes in a score but only want show chord names when the chord changes, do like so:

\new ChordNames {
\chordmode {
\set chordChanges = #
d1:7 d1:7

(hat tip:

Here's "8th of January", another tune that I have no real memory of multitracking 11+ years ago, despite the fact that I included a flatpicked guitar lead.

On the one hand, it's nice to periodically come across stuff I recorded 10+ years ago that sounds way better (in terms of both recording quality and performance) than I would have thought. On the other, it underscores my need to get my shit together and just *release* stuff instead of yak shaving it to death. Here's a really nice solo tune called 'Snowdrop', which I recorded in 2008 if metadata is to be believed.

okay for all the criticism i had of lord of the rings and shadow of mordor i'll share something i wish more fantasy authors actually stole from tolkien instead of his worldbuilding: the thing where every 25 pages someone bursts into song and the characters wait for them to finish the whole song

Further patreon musings 

Things I would probably offer as rewards:

• Tablature arrangements
• MIDI files
• backing tracks
• lossless audio tracks
• physical, printed tablature? why not

Things I am not likely to offer:

• "behind the scenes" stuff that would take more time for me to produce than musical content. There's something about the "For extra money, you can watch me [sketch/practice/etc]" phenomenon that makes me feel like a cold stone creamery worker having to dance for tips.

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