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@interneteh my wife invented the word “enshrobed” by accident one time when she was really sick and out of it. It means “wrapped in a blanket” and we now use it all the time

...and is back up, I forgot to make sure nginx was up after a reboot.

I've only learned one other Joe Morley piece, and as I start to work on this one I'm again struck by how *clever* his arranging is, the efficient use of chord shapes up and down the neck and carefully timed notes sounded on the fifth string to give the left hand time to jump up or down. He really was brilliant. (This is a really fun piece to listen to, and I think it's going to be fun to play if I can get it under my fingers. Lots of work ahead of me)

This is an important recording, probably the first new classic fingerstyle banjo album since Fred Van Eps did some late-career tracks in the 1950s.

I've tinkered with enough of Joe Morley's music to appreciate how difficult it is to play it cleanly at speed, and Aaron Jonah Lewis just crushes it. Amazing. (Look for him on Instagram too.)

This week's is "Sally Come Up", one I wasn't familiar with.

I went digging to see if I could find a piano score or maybe even a midi for accompaniment and found this very informative page. (TL;DR it was a popular minstrel song and as such, CW awful racism.) Scroll down to find the section about 'Sally Come Up'.

oh FUCK i'm going to have to write an unaccompanied bassoon partita

i just wanna make sure yall know be fUCKING NICE to the new people on the fedi.... remember there is a language barrier so people may not get the way a lot of us "joke" so just fucking err on the side of caution with being nice, don't belittle people for not understanding things, be decent people.

@mayor @usonian I follow you! I really appreciate having people posting their own stuff, especially cool stuff like you post. I don't really care about IP, but PeerTube really is cluttered with a bunch of junk.

And that's because it doesn't have good moderation tools! People don't want to use it, especially not if they're going to see, as you put it, a smattering of random porn, or worse the Christchurch shooting (I've personally blacklisted like four accounts for posting that video) or just slurs... is decent about it, there's still porn but *only* if it's marked as sensitive, and the bigoted stuff gets taken down as soon as we see it...

This is quite pleasant. I should have grabbed that $40 bass that was on LetGo a couple of months back.

real talk, finances, poll, please boost 

I'm having unhealthy thoughts about attempting to spin up a peertube instance at something like

@usonian Peertube is cool but has even less public mindshare/understanding the Mastodon. There's Vimeo, but my sense is that that's more of a hosting environment than a social/consumption environment.

🤷‍♂️ Setting myself a reminder to download all my stuff before December 10.

Lately I've been uploading my stuff to too, and I've also been fooling around with a peertube account (@usonian) but YouTube is pretty much where my audience is. Not sure where to go from here.

It's not like I'm in it for revenue; I have never and will never utter the words "Hey guys, remember to like and subscribe" in a youtube video. But the trickle of validation I've gotten over the years has been nice, and I would miss it. 2/

So... my youtube channel with its paltry 256 subscribers is the closest thing I've got to any sort of musical clout online.

It was demonetized last year (I did actually get a $100 check from ad revenue a few years back; it took me literally 10 years) and per the new TOS going into effect on December 10, I assume that means that my channel will be subject to arbitrary termination for not being "commercially viable." 1/

I think a lot about how Armistice Day, a day about the end of WW1 that was supposed to make us think about how shitty and pointless war is, became troops rule and war is good day

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