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turning the “sound cool” knob on my guitar all the way up

i dunno who needs to hear it (thats a lie i know exactly who you are) but "The Confederate Flag is just Southern Culture uwu" is rotten fish guts for an argument. If you know it started in the 1960s, you must know it began specifically in 1965 after the repealing of Jim Crow laws and an end to lawful segregation.

Your confederate aesthetic began in protest to the repealing of laws enforcing segregation. Its. Racism. As. An. Aesthetic.

Finally going to get off my ass and sell this very nice Fender #plectrumbanjo.

Anyone on the fedi in the market for a four-string #banjo with a Fishman pickup? Plectrums are handy for #guitar players because you can tune them DGBE and be an instant banjo player.

Anyway, if anyone's sincerely interested HMU. It's an absurdly nice banjo for the $; Fender made these like 5-10 years ago, vastly overestimated the market, and wound up blowing them all out for cheap.

Torn between getting back to learning SuperCollider, or digging into MMA

I've got some Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket and I may spend it on upgrading my . By all accounts Thierry Frenkel's ESPE01 is a dramatic upgrade to the Moog Etherwave theremin, adding 2 octaves to the lower range and improving timbre and linearity, all things that make the instrument a lot more versatile and playable.

I'm really bad about chasing gear instead of just buckling down and practicing, but this really does seem like a worthwhile upgrade.

I finally got around to installing 'MMA: Musical Midi Accompaniment' and tinkering a little bit, and like much open source software it appears to be very powerful with a steep learning curve. Documentation seems to be pretty good but there is little to no hand-holding to be found, and no visible development community/roadmap. (Python 2 EOL is 6 days away... will MMA ever be updated for Python 3? 🤷‍♂️)

...considering any unanticipated tidy banjos, and such.

...and here's the first strain of "Banjoland," once through. I've got the whole piece about 90% "under my fingers" as the saying goes, with the remaining challenges being to put all the parts together without stumbling, and play it maybe a little bit faster.

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to this recording I did some years back of "A Christmas Carol" by Alfred Cammeyer, written circa 1900. Cammeyer wrote for 5-string and plectrum banjo with a singular sentimentality.

My playing is rougher around the edges than I remember, but when is that ever not the case?

(When I say 'not much there yet' I mean, not much on my own account. My programmer brain instinct is to try to find a way to automate the process of copying around 100 videos from youtube, even though it would probably be just about as fast to "manually" do it using the import by URL feature.)

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feelin ho-ho-hollow this holiday season!🎅

Just got outbid on a nice looking little old banjeaurine. 😭 I probably should have bid a bit higher despite some condition issues, they are relatively rare.

There's not much there yet, but I think I've settled on as my primary home for video content; I'll continue to mirror stuff to my youtube account after this week's boycott but when I share links to videos from now on, it will be to my peertube account. Feel free to follow me there at @banjo, although in most cases I'll probably be reposting video links directly via this account too.

I put a poll here 2 months ago about what song I should learn next, and this was the winner, so here you go: Theme song from classic 1974 space opera anime "Space Battleship Yamato", performed on accordion.

There's a mistake around 0:40 but you know what, I'm happy I got it all in one take, I'll just post it as-is to be an honest representation of my current level of performing skills, rather than try to edit it to be perfect.

#mastoMusic #anime

very very clever, the Trio is really flashy but not actually difficult to learn; as with most things, the primary challenge is playing it however many hundreds of times is necessary to burn it into muscle memory so you can play it at speed

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My neck crunches like snapped celery whenever I listen to Bon Jovi

🪕 🪕 🪕 Holy shit everyone, the #banjo emoji finally happened 🪕 🪕 🪕

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