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The new Fragrance, from Monty Python


Hmm, apparently nginx tried to restart at some point in the last however many hours, and my config was borked due to some troubleshooting I was doing the other day (which is weird, because I thought I had already done a `nginx reload` but πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ) back online now.

*and* cleaning them, which was another thing that always gave me pause about the instrument; it was always in a "I'm glad I own it, but don't really want to pay for lessons or to have it reconditioned" zone but now I'm a little bit fired up, and encouraged by Hohner's official service videos.

I miss my grandpa, and have only a couple of vague memories of hearing him play.

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Something reminded me earlier today that I have my late grandfather's Hohner chromatic harmonica, and then while looking for something else I (perhaps subconsciously) looked in the drawer where it's been sitting the last however many years. The last time I gave any thought to learning how to play it was just before YouTube became a thing, and *now* there is an embarrassment of riches online when it comes to learning harmonica. /

@mayor Meta - this clip is a good reminder that YouTube does compress/degrade your content; this video was somewhat potato quality to begin with, but I came across the original file today and the version on YouTube (which I imported to Peertube) looks terrible. I mean, it should go without saying, but πŸ‘ Don't πŸ‘ Use πŸ‘ Third πŸ‘ Party πŸ‘ Services πŸ‘ As πŸ‘ Your πŸ‘ Primary πŸ‘ Means πŸ‘ of πŸ‘ storage

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very long post about classical music, communism, and Bad Takes about putting livestreaming behind paywalls, COVID-19 

Shout out to anyone who samples and releases a Soundfont for free, but Ogg Vorbis seems like a deliberately obtuse format to use for samples. I can't even get it to work in OS X.

I wound doing a find/exec with ffmpeg to convert all of the samples to WAV, then doing a find/replace for all the converted sample file names in the .sfz file. Then converting it to a monolithic .sf2 file with Polyphone so I can use it in Auria Pro. Works perfectly!

Shout out to (normally just February every year) for spinning up an April challenge, because how better to spend the time?

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