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Found an old USB-to-30-pin cable. I'll be amazed if

1) my ancient iphone 4s will take enough of a charge to boot

2) apple's garbage catalina OS will still talk to it

I have no idea what old FourTrack projects might still be on it that I don't already have stems for, but I'd like to find out

google how to paint bass drum heads like old timey marching bands used to

Any tips for good and free piano and string sample libraries for linux?

I don't seem to know what "pog" means anymore and that's fine, I'm content to stick with Milhouse saying "…in pog form!"

tl;dw Obviously it doesn’t work because it’s full of eels

Watching classically trained guitarists is so disconcerting somehow, it’s a whole different vibe and there’s often so much more attention paid to posture, hand position, and picking technique.

Players usually don’t look like they’re having fun 😶

I guess this is still maybe happening? Supposedly the seller is going to get back to me with a day/time. Going to cut bait on this one if I don't hear back from them

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If you're making music in the ecosystem, Soft Drummer 3.0 was just released by Lumbeat and is on sale right now (Fri, 7/24/2020) - I haven't used this app before myself but it's been on my radar for a while; it looks like exactly the kind of tool I've been wishing for making realistic drum/percussion tracks automagically; it's closer to GarageBand smart drummer than a tool like Patterning, although it does support pattern editing along with its library of presets and in general isn't as much of a black box as GarageBand.

Really really great, natural sounding drums. Link is to a Soundtestroom review of an older version of the app, which you can find in the app store. (As always: I have no stake or affiliation with Lumbeat, I'm just impressed by their stuff)

beep boop hints for new folks

- fill out your profile before attempting to follow/interact with folks

- don't take it personal if people don't accept follow requests

- use cw's if you're posting about lewd stuff/other things that might make people uncomfortable

enjoy fedi

Story about the American Banjo Fraternity: Pete Seeger included contact information for the ABF in an appendix of his book "How to Play the 5-String Banjo," which was tremendously popular during the folk scare of the 1950s and 1960s.

Apparently the secretary of the ABF at that time was a real right wing asshole, so when people would write for information and mention that they'd heard about the American Banjo Fraternity in Seeger's book, he would write back to them basically saying "Go to hell, you pinko commie beatnik hippie, " and so there were a whole lot of potential members turned away... like, enough to do genuine damage to the ABF's original mission of preserving the classic-style banjo that had fallen out of popularity and public consciousness by the 1950s.

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Just re-upped my American Banjo Fraternity* membership, better late than never.

*Despite the name, ABF is not gender-exclusive. You should join if you're interested in pre-country/folk/bluegrass 5-string banjo music.

announced yesterday that they're extending their promotion for the rest of 2020, which is a fine thing.

On the First Friday of every month, they waive their fees on every sale, so artists get 100% of the proceeds minus transaction fees, which they don't manage.

The next one is two weeks from today, August 7.

🎹 Free piano (you move) Greater Boston, boosts+ 

Anyone in greater Boston looking for a free piano? Friend of a friend has a Baldwin upright that has been well cared for, but is looking to get rid of it ASAP. Probably going to be junked if they can't find a taker. 🎹

If you're interested let me know and I'll see if I can make the appropriate connections

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A friend who has no idea I’ve been thinking about pianos just emailed straight out of the blue and said “hey do you want a free piano” 👀

I said no. I still don’t have anywhere to put one nor the budget to have it properly moved to tuned

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, "Briggs' Breakdown" from from Briggs Banjo Instructor (1855) I recorded a few years back. Audio boosted, pretty noisy :briggsbook:

I need a ship's captain hat for reasons I will never reveal on this website

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