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With the clawhammer EP (and stroke style EP before that) out of my brain and October approaching I'm turning my thoughts back to the mood I had in mind when I picked a ridiculous name like 'Capharnaum County Magicians Society' to use as a musical alias. If I practice every day I *might* be able to come up with something usable before Halloween, but I shouldn't count on it. Hardest instrument I've ever played.

Bandcamp Friday, shameless self plug 

I do #edm 🎶 music, #SFX (soon-ish) and #FieldRecordings for film or general listening and it's #CreativeCommons so put it where you'd like!

later today I *will* have out a birbs effects release. its all uploaded, I just have no cover for it yet. hopefully there will still be some interest for it :o


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Really feeling that post-release deflation right now, but also looking forward to getting back towards my original vision for the @magicians project, which is neither straight-up old-timey nor straight-up 19th century... but the last two projects have been about different purposes:

On the sentimental side, putting some chapters behind me so I can point to "official" recordings and say "yep, did that." On the technical side, developing a mixing/mastering/release workflow. That's still a work in progress, but I have enough of a grip on it that it shouldn't be a distraction from coming up with arranging/rehearsing/recording now that I have a general approach to things.

Not sure what I may have ready for October's Bandcamp Friday; have to decide if I want to circle back to a couple of irons I've had in the fire or try something totally now.

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Today is a #Bandcamp day - artists get everything you give (minus PayPal fees). Feel free to name your price. And it's all #CreativeCommons. Please boost.

:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa: :bandcamp:

Oh, interesting - based on the first track I assumed this was a fairly trad banjo+bass+fiddle type lineup but he's got a jazzier 'Like Béla Fleck but clawhammer instead of 3-finger style' thing going on with subsequent tracks

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Ok, Daniel Koulack wins with this album title + cover concept execution. ( being another word for style playing, although some internet pedants like to argue that they're two different things)

The music is quite lovely too.

uspol, disinfo 

There are Russian campaigns trying to get left wing voters to sit out the US election

It is possible to both think that electoralism won't solve all our problems and that voting is a form of damage control. Don't be manipulated by fascists. Request a ballot. Cast a vote.

New in Busker 0.6.0 are a couple of signals: One that gets sent after a code is redeemed and one that gets sent when someone clicks a file download link.

In a separate custom app I cobbled together an IFTTT webhook to send myself a slack message whenever somebody redeems a code, which is pretty swell.

If you want to see it in action (and get some free banjo in the process) You can go to and enter the code 'NA8XHNA'


head straight to

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After a few additional refinements, I got v0.6.0 of Busker deployed in the wild. It's not ready for PyPi yet, but you can install it with pip straight from the repo:

pip install

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@magicians Welp, today I learned about a finer point of configuration that I won't soon forget:

When defining a location, you can do

location /foo {
alias /path/to/foo

and that does what you'd expect, it serves the contents of /path/to/foo at https://my-domain/foo


you can ALSO do

location = /foo {

...where the equals sign means "Only match /foo exactly, ignore anything longer than that", and which I think (?maybe? I am too tired after fighting with this literally hours to bother confirming this) only works with individual files as opposed to directories.

At some point early on I copy/pasted a bad config with the 'location = /media {...}' pointing at my media directory, and it simply did. not. work. at. all. Killed my entire afternoon and evening figuring this out.

So yeah, it was absolutely the kind of issue I knew it would be; single misplaced character, made trickier by the fact that it was technically a valid config (no errors to debug.)

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if you turn off all the lights and block the windows in the bathroom, and say "Ubuntu" three times into the dark mirror at midnight, a FOSS bro shows up to lecture you about how it's an inferior distro

@magicians I am losing my goddamned mind trying to get the media directory to serve correctly via , doubly so because I *know* it’s going to be a bs “oh, you just need to put a trailing slash [here]” sort of fix

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Spent a bit longer on this than I expected (and most of that was standing up the production gunicorn/nginx environment) but @magicians finally has an actual site at - there's basically nothing there at the moment but it's somewhere official that I can start to hang stuff as I come up with it.

I've been using for nearly 3 years but never had to deal with the "simple web site" question, so it wasn't until a couple of days ago that I found out about the app, which is built into the project but not enabled by default. It's a very good answer to the "but what if I just want to have a couple of fairly static pages on my Django site without rolling a custom app or installing an overkill CMS".

You do define pages through the django admin UI but the pages themselves are implemented as template files, which gives you a 'best of both worlds' scenario; your static pages can still inherit a site-wide base template, and they'll have access to anything in the default template context (basically anything provided by the context managers you have enabled in your settings file.) Look up 'django flatpages app' and I'm sure you'll find the official docs near the top of the results.

Anyway. This now paves the way for me to also deploy my new 'busker' app for download codes.

As a veteran of the <font> tag wars, web fonts (and CSS3) still feel like black magic to me, like, it can't possibly be that easy and work reliably in the browsers that matter, there's got to be some kind of faustian catch

I finally legit bought the font I used for the @magicians logo, to my very pleasant surprise I found it via a search hit for one of those sites that does the "50% off for the next 24 hours" thing, *and* the bundle includes webfonts *and* I found a working discount code for another 15% off, so that's pretty alright 😎

Album art done, I think, if I can resist the temptation to go back and tweak between now and . Managed a proper front/back/gatefold this time.

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Tried recording some late-summer outdoor ambiance this evening; I thought the insects and birds might make a nice short intro/outro track for the next EP.

My microphone is too good; the birds and bugs sound fine but you can also hear the constant low drone of the busy road a couple of miles away through the woods. 😑️

Doubtful it's anything I can EQ my way around.

Here's the first pre-release of the "Busker" download code management app for :

There's still some polish/tests/better documentation to be done but it more or less works.

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This is actually nearing 'dev release' stage; I'll probably make the repo public and deploy an instance for my own music within the next couple of days. It's a pretty-well self-contained / app that should be pretty easy to drop into a site.

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