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A link in an e-mail from a friend got me onto Hubert Parry's anthemic hymn 'Jerusalem' (written to accompany William Blakes "And did those feet in ancient time") and I decided to engrave it with Lilypond, various versions out there being all over the map in terms of convertability/importability.

Dunno what I'm going to do with it... maybe nothing, maybe a chordal banjo arrangement.

Anyway, I had never noticed the preview feature in the new score wizard, and I am dying

If I ran a sheet music webbed site called, I would simply not charge people money for scores

Revisiting the patreon page I've been threatening to put up for like 3 years at this point.

I am prone to overthinking the whole tiers-and-rewards angle; the last thing I want to do is commit myself to generating a bunch of content I'm not even interested in for the sake of a few bucks a month, I am absolutely terrible at hustling (and since music is not my main gig I have the luxury of simply choosing not to.)

On the other hand, it can't hurt to put out a virtual tip jar. 🤷‍♂️

Danny Barnes' clawhammer banjo on this album is really something; I've never heard anything quite like the banjo on "If I Could I surely Would". Banjo in general doesn't lend itself to slower stuff; no sustain. But when it's awash in Bill Frisell's reverbed-out telecaster it sounds great

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You know you wrote a good tune when some guy stays up until midnight trying to learn it 130 years later.

Still slow and rickety, but the chord progression in the trio is so good. It legit makes me verklempt

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Every extra minute of the sun being up in the evening feels like a triumph

This is your periodic reminder that classic fingerstyle 5-string banjo, which predates all of the modern folk/country/bluegrass idioms and was the predominant style from ~1880 ~1920, exists and whips absolute ass

#classicbanjo #banjo

Oh heck, you can use a powered USB hub with iPad? (Which might also work as a charger?)

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I bought LoopyHD on sale years ago but have never quite known what to do with it, partly because I didn’t have a foot-switch and wasn’t interested to spend the money on one.

you can use the app without one but not in the typical ad hoc manner.

It just had a brainstorm and realized I could use my piano sustain pedal for that purpose 😎 the trade-off being that I’d be stuck using the iPad mic as long as it’s connected to the piano

Hrmm, I wonder if there's a sane way to tell lilypond "Always put chord names above any other markup in the score". I feel like it's a rabbit hole I've been down unsuccessfully before

it's slow and rickety as hell but I'm already getting Tyro Mazurka 'under my fingers' as the expression goes #banjo #classicbanjo #fingerstylebanjo

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Also, if you're adding string numbers to notes but don't want them to render in standard notation, use:

\override StringNumber #'stencil = #
\override StringNumber #'transparent = #

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Because I just had to look this up for the millionth time (hat-tip , here's how to make only display chord names on chord changes - add this inside your ChordNames block:

\set chordChanges = #

In other words, if you set 'chordChanges' to true and your score has three bars of 'ees' chords in a row followed by 'f:m', it will render like this:

Hm, 'The Climbing Rose' (Tyro Mazurka) has gotten under my skin, stayed up way too late pecking my way through the first two strains.

As always, I'm amazed at how clever so many classic banjo arrangements are; so far this tune is actually not that hard in that most of the neat little phrases are all played out of chord shapes, and once you memorize the shapes, the individual notes fall into place.

But... this stuff is all about muscle memory and the discipline to just play a tune the hundreds/thousands of times necessary to play it on autopilot/


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Warner Bros to Christopher Nolan in 2005: “Hey, that grimdark batman wasn’t bad, but could you maybe make the next one you know, more plodding and self-serious?”

2008: “hmm, better, but still not quite what we were going for. Can you make the third one just interminably long, bleak, and not actually all that fun to watch?”

2012: “NAILED IT”

as soon as you think the phrase "how hard could it be" you are pretty much doomed

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