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I’ll be putting one or two more coats in the front of the headstock, but I’m calling the neck done at five (I think, is easy to lose count) coats. The back of the neck looks great. The fingerboard… well, it’s a learning process.

That means I have to get the electronics wired up! I know I ought to let the finish cure for a few days, but could feasibly have this thing strung tomorrow night. 👀

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freemasons are hilarious, to me

"lets get together in a secret blacked out room and learn secret handshakes and have super important Men's Discussions™, no girls allowed!!! we will recite weird ritual phrases and have conversations that are so secret and important that a man must stand at the door with a real actual fuckin sword to stop any Outsiders hearing us"

bro just play dnd im begging u

Decision made, lumber bought for a body (laminated spruce), my challenge-to-self now is to not overthink it and/or overdo it.

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Attempted to breadboard a bare-bones circuit tonight, but no joy. Not sure if I screwed something up / shorted something out or if my breadboard is just a POS (which it is, I never have any confidence anything is actually making contact.) will try again with fresh eyes in daylight.

Also, I somehow have no LEDs at all? I *know* I bought an assortment once upon a time but that was two moves ago and who knows where they are now

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I like how every Tom Waits song sounds like it was written and performed by skeletons

That went about like I expected, but filing through the stain was actually a very good “ok that’s enough” indicator; making a note to self to use charcoal or chalk on future projects. I’ve gained an appreciation for how forgiving this stain (basic oil-based Minwax “Honey”) is for touch-ups.

All-told the filing and beveling didn’t take more than 30 minutes or so. Should be able to start putting tru-oil on later today.

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After fretting about the details for way too long, I finally set up a patreon page for my music-related life:

I've been playing for 30+ minutes more or less nightly lately and that's great, but it seems like it's winding my brain up like a clock so I can't get to sleep until after midnight, which is less great

checking with the tree of life real quick to find out how many pints are in a cup just American things

:unsure_fry: not sure what’s lack of experience installing frets vs compromising the sharpness of the fret slots by applying finish after cutting them (the grain filler is water based.)

Things seem to be better after doing another pass with the saw to clear debris out of each slot.

With an unradiused fingerboard it seems to me that, once I get all the frets hammered in and filed, I ought to be able to put the entire thing in the jaws of my workmate table to give it a good even press for good measure.

I am going to order a pair of flush-ground nippers right now because I already tell how tedious it’s going to be to file those ends down.

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Adding "feel enormously stressed" to my to do list so I can tick something off it.

I continually forget that most tuning machines are NOT like planetary banjo tuning pegs in that the knob is typically offset from the actual shaft.

I'm probably doing to have to mount two of them "backwards" for aesthetic reasons. 😒

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Should have drilled the tuner holes before starting the finish, of course. Terrible tear-out despite using a sacrificial block behind. Maybe a poplar thing? The wood seems really fibrous. Time for some more filler (and it will be covered up by the machine heads anyway.)

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Metatargets added to Gest, my gesture sequencer! Now it's possible for individual targets in a phrase to change each time they are played.

As an example, here's a gesture being used to control the pitch of an FM oscillator. It is a 4 note looping sequence, with the last note being a metatarget switching between 5 notes. Each of these notes is programmed to manipulate the global tempo in different ways (temporal weight), and as a result you implicitly get very natural sounding tempo fluctuations corresponding with the phrasing.

The code to program the gesture looks like this:

beg 1 4
t 0 sg t 2 sg t 4 sg
mt 5
t 7 sg mass 60 inertia 0.1
t 9 sg mass 120
t 11 sg mass 100
t 9 sg mass 40 inertia 0.01
t 8 sg mass 0 inertia 0
end loop fin

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