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Looks like year 3 or 4 of September slipping away without me actually learning my own composition well enough to play it

Last year I wrote a half-baked trio section that I haven't transcribed yet either, lol

Also got some nice component bits and bobs for the in today’s mail.

The switch is absolute overkill (it was hard to get a sense of scale in the product photo) but it is way more satisfyingly tactile than any rocker switch will ever be. You *know* when you’ve turned this switch on.

The pilot lamp jewel works quite nicely with a warm white led, and who could resist these jolly red knobs

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May have finally found the key to unlocking a years-long logistical/psychological logjam with regards to rehabbing/reclaiming the storage shed attached to my house as a workshop; stealing a few daylight minutes to work on stuff outside here and there is grossly inefficient and not sustainable much past September.

But, that means I have to knock it off with the lutherie until I do the actual work to make a space so I can spend long fall/winter evenings tinkering at my leisure

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Finally got some photos that give a better sense of the color (although it does not shine like this except in direct sunlight.)

I’m not over how playable this instrument is compared to the first one I made years ago. Granted that one was stolen before I had a chance to tinker with it, but I know the fret work on that one was not as good, and the scale was shorter and less forgiving.

I need to make the nut slots a little deeper and see if I can seat the 13th fret a little bit better or file it level, but overall it’s pretty cool.

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I live in a KFC commercial where they describe how viscerally unpleasant it is

Here's some "clean" harmonic minor noodling over a loop from the other night. My understanding is that piezos tend to sound a bit hot no matter what, but especially when attached directly to the top of the instrument like this one is. I've read that attaching them with a blob of hot glue as a bit of a cushion is a popular technique to calm them down a bit, but honestly my impression is that a super-cheap piezo transducer is never not going to sound the way it does.

I have a cheap single-coil electromagnetic pickup for my next build, I'm curious to see how it sounds on a compared to a "real guitar"

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Alright! Here's some sloppy minor pentatonic bullshit on the new cigar box guitar, recorded straight into some high-gain GarageBand amp presets. Clean tones later 🤘

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my mother now wants to know everything. You must tell me if you wanted

Musically inclined friends:

My current intellectual rabbit hole appears to be taking the form of a concertina.

I know nothing about them.

Deluge me with your wisdom, and hit me up if you have a spare one lying about.

update: Nothing imploded overnight, and the strings seem to be slowly settling down so they don't need to be tuned up every 30 seconds. I am surprised by the volume and sustain this cheap mystery wood box (probably basswood?) puts out for its size.

I spent entirely too much time this morning fooling around with online string tension/weight calculators. I ordered a custom set of D'Addarios that ought to be in the right ballpark for standard plectrum tuning (C3 G3 B3 D4) at the shorter 23" scale length. The 'baritone' tuning is neat but the tension feels excessive - part of that is probably my brain objecting to the heavier strings in a 4-string configuration, but it will be easier to fine-tune and get a sense of what could use improvement with a familiar tuning under my fingers.

Also, part of my whole reasoning for getting back into this was to have a consistently tuned guitar-like alternative to plectrum banjo, so I can focus on learning one set of scales and chords.

Along those lines, I'm definitely having thoughts about a full ~26.5" scale 'octave plectrum' / 'base plectrum' with super chonky strings tuned C2 G2 B2 D3.

It would probably be muddy for chords at the low end, but would be fun for stoner rock noodling.

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Still trying to get the bridge dialed in, and probably going to try some lighter strings.

But overall, I call it a success, especially in terms of the frets and the intonation.

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(So far so good, although I need to re-slot the bridge; thought I’d be able to get away with a *little* wider spacing there despite the untapered neck, but nope)

The pickup is working, it’s a quieter than electromagnetic pickups but that’s cool, it gives me more headroom to play with my amp’s gain and overdrive.

The action feels a little bit high, but that’s a trade-off of not having a truss rod, and part of that is also these monster strings.

Anyway, photos/audio once I get the bridge fixed, and get to know it a little more

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Alright, here goes. Bracing for potential disappointment in the form of catastrophe for structural failure, undetected fretwork problems, etc…

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Because I so dearly love it when humans play along when computers ask for silly things, I have generated drawing prompts for #botober2021!

I've managed to get GPT-3 to follow themes. Here's "animals". The rest are at this link:

I haven’t soldered anything in 20 years and it shows, but this will get the job done. Leaving the pickup taped in place for now, gives me the option to move it later.

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