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Knzk and Radtown are now Spirit Halloween stores.

#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @mellium - Co-op creating Go-based XMPP resources

🌟 @karrot - FOSS platform for sharing real life resources such as food

🌟 @sylvia_ritter - Psychedelic detailed artwork inspired by animals and FOSS

🌟 @mayor & @magicians - Banjo musician, especially 19th/20th Century pieces

🌟 @spectravideo - New PeerTube instance with responsible moderation and federation

🌟 @david & @dadegroot - Pro photographer, photos of Australian wildlife

I'm working on a script that generates code for #tidalcycles - my goal is to press a button (or #emacs keybinding) and have a ready-to-go techno track I can mix and perform. Like collaborating with the computer. This isn't machine learning or anything fancy, just randomization within parameters. I'm really happy with how it's turning out! Here's an example of the music it generates.

Code is here

Looked at again this morning g for the first time in a while and was surprised to find it in better shape than I thought. Now immersing myself in typescript matters so I can write some tests, etc.

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I forgot about but I am going to spare myself the "start late, do a couple of things I'm not happy with, miss a couple days and immediately go into a combined guilt and procrastination spiral, and bail after a week" cycle this time around.

I might try with little 16-bar banjo tunes like I did 3 years ago, that was actually pretty great

Ghost Hunters show where they cook and eat the ghosts after they catch them

It also only occurred to me that Patreon probably has an API and/or Oauth provider, both of which they do… if my glance at the api docs is correct then one could in theory build a tiered content publishing platform and populate it directly via Git workflow, which would be pretty goddamned slick. Whenever I think about setting up a patreon a big thing that puts me off is thinking about how much time I’d have to spend wrangling content.

There are probably already such platforms out there, it just never occurred to me to look

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I just realized one could set up a pretty sweet publishing workflow with [insert your favorite git non-controversial CI/CD platform here], like, on PR run lilypond to generate PDF/png/midi/whatever and upload it somewhere.

I have a private repository full of mostly 19th/early 20th century banjo music, a lot of which is half-baked and good-enough-for-personal-use , but having a publishing branch *might* give me a nudge to take stuff the extra mile

It's rockstar-before-there-was-a-such-a-thing-as-a-rockstar Horace Weston! :horaceweston:

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: If you make music on an , Patterning 2 is on sale right now ($14.99 instead of $19.99)

On the one hand I don't like to dunk on sincere/earnest makers on youtube who take the time to share projects they have spent a whole lot of time on

On the other, how do you get obsessed enough with calliopes to *build one* without knowing how to pronounce the word

If you are a musician or are somehow involved in music production, you should get in on this deal, which is honestly staggering. If you buy one thing from IKMultimedia you get to pick 16 other items for free of equal or lesser value. THIS WORKS FOR UPGRADES! so you can use one free credit on the base item and one on the deluxe upgrade even if your original purchase was less than the full deluxe version.

If 70ish more people buy something this month it goes up to 17 free

I'm developing a new type of genre, it's trip-hop for kids. I'm calling it "skip-hop". The first band I'm signing is Portishead Shoulders Knees and Toes

Looks like year 3 or 4 of September slipping away without me actually learning my own composition well enough to play it

Last year I wrote a half-baked trio section that I haven't transcribed yet either, lol

Also got some nice component bits and bobs for the in today’s mail.

The switch is absolute overkill (it was hard to get a sense of scale in the product photo) but it is way more satisfyingly tactile than any rocker switch will ever be. You *know* when you’ve turned this switch on.

The pilot lamp jewel works quite nicely with a warm white led, and who could resist these jolly red knobs

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