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So… If you record an overdub in Cubasis 3 it still plays the old sound underneath it? And the only way to have it not do that is duplicate/cut/paste? What in the actual hell

Maybe Auria Pro has gotten their shit together 🤞

Learning a Gilbert and Sullivan arrangement for 5-string banjo from 1890, as you do

I just stumbled across which at a glance seems to have a lot of pretty good "intro-to-X" articles on audio gear/engineering/music theory/etc. They even have an RSS feed!

Seems like maybe they're done, though? No official announcement, but no updates since last August either.

hello world! I'm new to mastodon, just figuring out how everything works. lately I've been doing knitting, generative art, & collage poetry and mostly hoping to find a space to share creative stuff I'm doing & connect with other cool people.

V Brigham is a veteran programmer for the Commodore 64 home computer from 1982, who nowadays posts in-depth videos about developing software on the C64.

You can follow at:

➡️ @v_brigham

If the videos aren't visible from your instance yet, you can see them all at

#VBrigham #Commodore64 #C64 #Commodore #Programming #Dev #Software #Development #1980s #80s #8Bit #BASIC #Retro #History #Computing #ComputingHistory #HistoryOfComputing #Videos #PeerTube

: Do you log your practice time? Tell me about the app or home-grown cobbled together system you use. (boosts +)

(This post brought to you by me having just dusted off the half-baked Django logging app I wrote about a year ago, used for a couple of months, then got distracted by some shiny thing)

found a mention of an #emacs audio waveform visualizer but I can't figure out what package it is - does anybody know? found it at

Brain tired, fingers hurt but in a good way. Would be nice if I've found some kind of discipline again

I will bring the internet to its knees

And they will beg me, "What do you want? We'll do anything"

And I'll say

"Take Pinterest out of image search results"

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A week or so ago some kid on reddit made a post that was basically like "people who learned how to play guitar in the 80s and 90s, how did you even do it? Were there, like, conservatorial professors and books?" and I keep thinking about it and turning to dust

big update to blamscamp! lots of new theming options, automatic parsing of title from ID3 tags, and better colour picker!

I've had William J. Ball's LP on my Discogs wantlist for a while but apparently never thought to look on youtube...?

Anyway, it's a real cracker, and I'm still going to get the LP someday:

Had a lightbulb moment this morning: A stripped down GarageBand smart drummer using a percussion kit works pretty well for 19th century banjo stuff

despite not playing any of the instruments i already have on a regular basis, though, my diseased brain still regularly offers me completely absurd ideas like "i wish i had a mandolin" or "let's go buy a melodica"

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