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…but, holy smokes is it fun to play with for track art ideas

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… If you get too specific it winds up recreating iconic artwork for you, though

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Dall-E excels at prompts “in the style of [artist]”, especially if said artist has a subject matter they did a lot of, vis “Art Deco cityscape at night in the style of Joseph Stella”

I should really learn how to actually use AUM, it’s a tremendously powerful app

Just scanned and uploaded The Official Show Guide to The World of Commodore Amiga (1992) —

I listened to Albanie Falletta's latest yesterday and now I'm kinda back on my "sure do wish I could find people to play early jazz/great American songbook stuff with" bullshit :oh_no:

One thing I think about a lot is whether I have a reasonable grasp on how drastically popular culture shifted between 1934 (when this heartbreakingly beautiful performance of this heartbreakingly beautiful song was recorded) and 1984, as compared to how much it changed between 1984 and (rounding up) 2024.

Like... I was born 40ish years after this recording, which sure doesn't feel like a lot anymore, but the music of that time has *always* been otherworldly to me, and tinged with a certain kind of yearning and sadness for a completely different time and place.*

I have a hard time imagining a kid born in 2022 feeling the same way about, say, Foreigner's 1982 song "Waiting for a Girl Like You"

* This is not a "things sure were better in the good old days" post. But they sure don't make music like this anymore.

Some theremin noise nonsense, mostly experimenting with a formant filter (and glitching an old educational film with ffmpeg)

Some theremin noise nonsense, mostly experimenting with a formant filter (and glitching an old educational film with ffmpeg)

I just played theremin for 30 minutes and boy are my arms tired

Hey music friends!

What are you working on?

Our record label, Analog Revolution, is looking for songs for our compilation album, "Songs of the Worker (to fans the flames of discontent).

If you have something that might jive with that, or wanna talk more, tell @DoctorDeathray because she's our A and R person.

so it turns out the thing that *actually* gets me to give any kind of thought to the graphics capabilities of computers for the first time in 20+ years is the fact that OpenAI requires a GPU to do much of anything (without relying on cloud hosted stuff)

(That being said it's a decent design otherwise and I already have enough lumber lying around to throw one together with tweaks to give it a reasonable angle.)

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I went looking for plans for building a guitar rack and found this one and every time I look at photos of peoples' builds it gives me such agita, why would you design this with a 90º angle

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