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Seriously, where is it

I’m at the “wondering if it accidentally got thrown out” stage

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Guess it’s time to play “see if I can find what died somewhere under the house”

I sure wouldn’t mind knowing where I hid the package of patch cables I bought last month

someone should make mastodon where you can scroll through other people's media tabs and have things load, or scroll back through your own dms and have them load, or click on a new account you've just interacted with and have their posts load.

Self parody? Yeah it's just like carcinization, except you turn into a bird

Hnnnnggg there’s a Vega Vox plectrum on reverb for a pretty good deal but still way more than I can justify/rationalize/liquidate

Also it would be shipping from France, which feels like a double crapshoot

Hoisted on my lazy mental imperial measurement conversion petard when I bought the Velcro. Other than needing one more strip, the #purplepedalboard is finished.

She hold on the dominant til I resolve to the tonic

did you know if you start playing dark side of the moon and the wizard of oz at the same time you can't hear either very well and it's frustrating

(Same for pretty much any Common Wisdom on the internet, so much of it smells of that one guy who slides into every thread and out-argues everyone with their hobby-horse take)

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Theory: there was one guy on Usenet in the early 1990s who had a very strongly held opinion about Gibson SG “neck dive” and repeated it often and forcefully enough that it became a thing that Everybody Just Knows

Hey, the nice thing you're not doing because you'd feel guilty because stuff is undone, or it serves no purpose other than making you happy, or it isn't furthering a goal

You should do it :flan_flowers:

I know that latex paint is less toxic and better for the environment but it also means I have to wait at least 3 weeks for projects to cure before I can assemble and/or install hardware on them

First coat of paint on the outside of the #coffincase. I’ve been searching for a modern, ready-made match for this color for years; Kyanize made a deep dark almost black blue-green paint that my late grandfather favored for things around the summer cottage my family used to own, but the place was sold and Kyanize went away years ago and all I’ve had is a paint stick. Benjamin Moore “Black Knight” really does seem to be a spot-on match.

how to decode base64 encoded text:

1. type "data:text/plain;base64," into your browser address bar
2. add the base64 encoded text to the end
3. hit enter

🎶 Oliver Cromwell
Heads up the Parliamentarian ruling divide
Old Ironsides 🎶

galaxies lookin like 1996 space jam website

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Whoa, actually they're like "Sure, give me a shout" and turns out they own a localish music store (which I've been meaning to check out forever but haven't because, pandemic aside, it's in a part of a town I have errands in or near) 👀

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