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Today I learned about the Lumpy's Tone Shop 7 Series Overdrive (formerly known as the Lemon Drop) which approximates the sound of an overdriven Vox 7-series amp, which today I also learned was the amp used on any number of particularly tasty sounding Beatles and Led Zeppelin guitar parts :blobsweats:

Good ol reliable hasn’t been updated in nearly two years Toot!

it should be illegal to change the UI of any website for any reason. the best websites are the ones which have looked exactly the fucking same since 1997 and there's a reason for that

🎵Goin’ to the icebox
Gonna eat a lot of plumses

Goin’ to the icebox
Gonna eat me a lot of plumses 🎵

The sun has gone down and here the moon comes
And long ago somebody left with the plums
But he's writhing and devising and searching the fridge
And looking for someone who is willing to snitch
He's going the distance
He's looking for plums
She ate 'em all (ate 'em all)
Ate 'em all with her thieving tongue

Sent the listing to my brother who's like "OMG you absolutely have to get that" 😒

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Hnnnngg I am losing my mind over a free 1924 Victrola on FB marketplace that appears to be a "just want this thing gone" sort of listing

The thing is, I don't *want* to get into collecting 78s, and it would take up way too much room to justify getting just to *have*

(What I really want is an Edison cylinder recorder)

having trouble finding a network of like-minded individuals who are also trapped in a basement full of loose cassette tape and have a closet full of reel-to-reel recorders that haven't worked since the 70s

Me in my early 20s: jesus i was so cringe back in the day

Me in my mid-30s: lmao you had no room to talk buddy

Is anyone keeping a master list of corporate and/or otherwise garbage instances? And has anyone written a bot/client that can poll a list of instances daily/hourly/whatever and block them? 🤔

I encourage new people to not rely solely on hashtags for connecting with people on here

The joy is in the organic encounter

I think I’m probably going to defederate from the next time I’m doing admin stuff.

I know there have already been [lack of] moderation issues and although that hasn’t affected this tiny instance directly, I gotta say that the “well, it’s a little rustic but you can’t expect everything from these backwoods types, anyway now that *we’re* here maybe it’ll be worth a damn” energy of this latest influx is extremely off-putting.

(By contrast the August 2018 wave, which I rode in on, was very much “I am so incredibly glad to leave that absolute dumpster fire of a site behind, this place is so much nicer”)

To get started:

1. Follow this bot and it'll start to follow you back.

2. If you have "Request follow requests" enabled you need to accept the bot's follow request.

3. If your posts or boosts have missing text descriptions you will get a reminder.

I've sure posted this before but I'm looking at updating my static "professional" landing page a little bit and, as always, I'm pretty sure this is the best photo that has ever or will ever be taken of me, 5 years ago now

(Shout out to Niles at North Quabbin Productions)

I gotta write a new intro/bio and maybe change my screen name, my attention span pendulum has swung away from obscure banjo music at the moment

Shout out to the dragonfly I saw flying around earlier, and the handful of bugs still making nighttime noises here in November 🥺

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