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...I've been working on this and it's actually reaching a point of being done enough to *maybe* deploy as a web app (like, that other people can use too)

I need a good name/domain name for it though

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The Moon is Waxing Gibbous (99% of Full) 🌔

I'm unstoppable ❤️ thank you quit yellin'

People promoting AI while complaining that people don't seem to connect any more.

Because I logged on to find somebody reported me to myself for spamming the fediblock hashtag, and then saw another general post admonishing people not to shitpost with the fediblock hashtag, let me be clear:

Equel is the “what the fediverse needs is timeline algorithms and other tools built with venture capital and controlled by me, the smartest guy in the room” instance where you have to sign in with a linkedin account.

My use of the hashtag was 100% sincere, but if your instance is on board with tech bros explicitly trying to turn the fediverse into Twitter, let me know so I can defederate from it too

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defederated from the galaxy brain shitheads at equel

Broadly stated goal for 2023 

Honestly money I could spend on guitar lessons would probably be better put towards therapy

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Broadly stated goal for 2023 

Hack my brain out of its endless cycle of self-sabotage RE: *actually* devoting the time and energy necessary to find a way to make music on a regular basis with other human beings IRL

Love to do a search to see if this jam was ever resurrected and have 100% of the results point to the last one that was held on March 10, 2020

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I know it’s pragmatic, convenient etc but I will not abide a clip on tuner on a headstock any longer than it takes to tune

…mostly adhd I’m sure, with a healthy dose of low-key midlife “you are running out of time to do all the things” panic

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I have a project and I want to change how I'm deploying it. It's a set of python scripts + inkscape and some PHP that generates music notation in real time, served on web pages.

The primary user of this is supposed to be chamber ensembles, who often play in places that don't have WiFI (plus I don't want to host all of them), so I want to deploy this via a LAN.

I used to use Raspberry Pi, but they've gone terfy and also it wasn't a great fit. How I've done this previously is to create a captive portal and serve notation via the login page.

This is an arms race with phone/device manufacturers who are dead set against LANs. I wonder if I could find a small, cheap router and put dd-wrt on it, would that work better? My questions are:

1. Can I put inkscape on a dd-wrt system?

2. Are there small routers that boot off of removable media, such as SD cards? (This makes offering upgrades/doing installs way easier.)

3. Can an adhoc device have a stable IP6 address? That is, can it offer WIFI, but also be reachable via the open internet via a mobile data plan? (Is it possible to pay once for mobile data web pages being served indefinitely?)

4. What platforms should I be looking at? How can I learn more about them?

I swear to god my brain does this thing where it detects that I’m on the verge of finding real, honest-to-god focus on any given interest, and immediately tries to torpedo it with sudden competing impulses

“Followers only” is great and all, but Mastodon needs a “mutuals only” toot privacy setting.

My challenge for 2023 will be to remember that I have a web site again, and that I can use it to permanently (hah) store things like this so I don't repeatedly find myself googling or digging through my own old stuff:

Crossposting is posting when you’re feeling rather cross

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